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Korean Best Rhinoplasty Fight For Sinusitis

Your nose often gets blocked? Often sneeze even it’s not allergy or cold?

It’s maybe a big possibility whether you has sinusitis or rhinitis! Korean best rhinoplasty also known as the real enemy for those nose functional problems.

And the worst, more than half of the patients who suffer from chronic rhinitis and sinisitis have a deviated septum. If the septal cartilage that divides the nostrils is bent, then breathing maybe difficult because of the airway, which can lead to a serious case of rhinitis or infection.This is called deviated septum.


Whether or not the nose looks curved from the outside, if the nose looks deviated, it is likely that the septum may have problems. It’s better to receive Korean best rhinoplasty as soon as possible.

There are 2 kinds of Korean best rhinoplasty’s method: Open Incision and Closed Incision. The first rhinoplasty when came to Korea using Closed Incision. Closed Incision uses nose bridge as the center. The advantages of this surgery of course because there will be less scar outside. Also, the surgery duration is shorter with fast recovery.

Open Incision is not bad at all. Instead, it receives the spotlight recently because Open Incision is known as a good method to correct the short nose, bulbous nose, hooked nose, or curved nose. This method can fix nose cartilage and nose bridge together. Despite of long duration for surgery and long time for recovery, it can gives you more sophisticated nose shape.

In Korean best rhinoplasty, there are good collaboration between ENT doctors and plastic surgeon for the best surgical outcomes. The structure and appearance of the nose is not only one primary factor for facial beauty. functional roles of the nose are also extremely important. ENT Doctors will handle the nose functional problem first, then plastic surgeon team will leading on aesthetic side.

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