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Korean Best Rhinoplasty: Surgeon x ENT Doctor

Korean best rhinoplasty provides otolaryngology surgery, wherein WONJIN’s ENT specialists and plastic surgery specialists collaborate in order to correct both internal structure and aesthetic of the nose at the same time.

With over 20 years of experience of Korean best rhinoplasty, WONJIN is now equipped with collaborative center of plastic surgery and ENT department, and thus patients can effectively seek both functional and cosmetic resolutions customized for each individual’s nasal conditions.

best rhinoplasty with surgeon & ent doctor

Nose health is the most important thing to consider about since it is the first respiratory system in our body. When there is problem on nose health, there might be affect to nose appearance too.

More than half of the patients who suffer from chronic rhinitis and sinusitis have deviated septum. Even if the deviation may not be seen from the outside, there’s a big possibility that the septal cartilage is bent, blocking the airway causing rhinitis and infections. But no need to worry, Korean best rhinoplasty can solve it clearly.

Also, when your nose bridge is curved. Many people think that you need a separate Korean rhinoplasty to correct the deviation. An overgrown septal cartilage can make the nose look deviated. Usually, the surgery for the deviation, which is to fracture the nose bone, is performed simultaneously with nose tip surgery.

For people who concern that rhinitis will reoccurred again after Korean best rhinoplasty, no need to worry! If you pay attention into these 3 things, you will not have your nose disease back. Prohibited to drink alcohol for about 3 months after Korean rhinoplasty, immunity treatment for allergy rhinitis, and proper surgery procedure by ENT doctor and plastic surgeon!

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