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Korean Breast Plastic Surgery Specialized Clinic

Korean breast plastic surgery specialized clinic


Have you ever wondered what to use to augment your breast?

Is implant safe? 

What about fat grafting procedure?

As Korean breast plastic surgery specialized clinic, Wonjin would like to explain the difference between both implant and fat grafting. If you happen to have questions and want some answers, read this blog on~

Wonjin uses different types of implants that have been certified, such as round implant, tear drop implant whether it is smooth or textured. And recently Wonjin also presents Dual Chamber Tear Drop Shape Implant for breast augmentation. Every women has different body types and their own preference over the shape of their breasts. It is better to discuss with the doctor exactly about the breasts that you want and doctor will gladly help to choose the right size and the right implan for your breast.

As you all already know, implants are made from harmless substance. So even if you put implant on your body, nothing dangerous will happen. Wonjin as Korean breast plastic surgery specialized clinic always gives full concern and attention about the disinfection so patients do not need to worry about infection and another problem that might occur.

But how about capsular contracture?

At least once this word might have gone into your mind and frightened you. Actually this complications of breast augmentation can be prevented only if post operative treatments are done thoroughly in a Korean breast plastic surgery specialized clinic.

So how about fat grafting fot breast augmentation?

“It is like killing two birds with one stone!”

Patients can get rid of unnecessary fat and enlarge their breasts at the same time. And the most important thing is N.A.T.U.R.A.L! You can wear bikini without being worry people noticing your implant.

But before deciding to augment your breast, you have to remember that you need excess fat from either your belly, your thighs. So if you are thin, forget about this procedure and try to look for another option~

Korean breast plastic surgery specialized clinic would like to remind you several things:

1. If you are using breast implant, get routine massage to prevent capsular contraction complication

2. You can get the size that you want only by one time surgery if you use breast implant

3. If you do fat grafting, try not to loose your weight and do not use bra for a period of time because fat cells need time until the cells can stay at the grafting area and can grow well. And for that to happen, blood circulation should be well enough.

4. You might need to repeat the fat grafting procedures (mostly twice) in order for the fat cells to stay, live and grow at the injected area. 

So are you still worry and confused what to choose?

Let’s take it simple! Every procedures for breast plastic surgery has their own complications, advantages and drawbacks.

Korean breast plastic surgery specialized clinics would like to make it easier for you to choose

1. I dont wan’t pain after surgery –> Wonjin recommend you to do fat grafting

No need to worry about capsular contraction complications and there will be no feeling of being pushed by the implant.

2. I dont wan’t my breasts’ size change by time –> Wonjin recommend you to choose implant

Far grafting drawbacks, if you loose weight then your breast could become smalled too.

3. I’m too thin –> Wonjin recommend you to have breast implant

4. My lower body parts are too fat but my breasts are too small –> Wonjin recommend you to do liposuction for your thighs and transfer the fat to your breast  (a.ka.a fat grafting)

5. I wan’t to augment my breast without anyone noticing it! –> Wonjin recommend you to do fat grafting

Breast implant leaves scar more or less about 3 cm while fat grafting only leaves scar for 5 mm!

6. My breasts are saggy and my nipple dropped! –> Wonjin recommend you to put implant and breast lifting procedures

7. Both of my breasts are too far and not pretty! –> Wonjin recommend fat grafting to fill the space naturally.

Whether you have small breast, saggy breast, or any kind of breast problem, consult it with Korean breast plastic surgery specialized clinic for the best solution.

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