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Korean Breast Plastic Surgery Use Your Own Fat

What is Fat Graft Augmentation?

It is a surgical method for Korean breast plastic surgery using an advanced device called Harvest Jet. It greatly increases the engraftment rate of autologous fats. Autologous fats are extracted from thighs and abdomen areas, and engrafted to the breasts for volume enhancement.

In addition, Korean breast plastic surgery uses water jet method in order to minimize fat loss and filter out unnecessary discharges from fibrous tissues and fat oil, minimizing side effects.

Harvest Jet is an innovative fat grafting device for outstanding engraftment. It sprays water with high pressure in order to separate the fat cells from surrounding tissues. Through such water-assisted method, only pure fat cells are collected with greatly increase the engraftment rate.

Korean breast plastic surgery has recommended this method for those who:

  • Have reduced breast volume after breastfeeding
  • Do not prefer implants
  • Wish to increase the size naturally
  • Have prominent breast asymmetry
  • Wish to remove the implant and restore original breast shape

Fat engraftment also recommended for those who want another more volume on their breast, but not shape improvement. For those who want shape improvement, Korean breast surgery implant still a good choice to do because fats can’t be shaped and projected.

What is the advantages for Korean breast plastic surgery using fat engraftment?

  • Natural shape and texture
  • Less side effects and foreign body reactions
  • Shorter surgery duration and faster recovery compared to implant augmentation
  • Removes undesired fats from other body parts
  • Size can be added

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