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Korean Breast Surgery on Friday, Work on Monday!

Korean breast surgery is for bigger and smaller breasts. There are various Korean breast plastic surgery method. Breast reduction for those who have bigger breasts, breast lifting surgery for those who have sagging breasts due to aging, and the most popular one is breast augmentation for smaller breast to achieve prettier breast shape.

For worker or student who have busy schedule may probably have worry about Korean breast surgery plan. Usually they only have free days on weekend, and can’t get long holidays. The surgery might be only take 1~2 hours, but its pain might be remains for several days.

WONJIN korean breast surgery

Recently, there are so many worker and student patient who do Korean breast surgery on Friday, and go for daily activities on Monday which is 3 days after surgery. In fact, the surgery pain is endurable. As time goes the pain will faded. If patient have good body condition, they might be faster to recover.

The climax hurt might be occurred on the first and second day. As third day, there is interval time for pain to appeared. One important point is surgery on Friday doesn’t mean impossible to go for work on Monday. But for patient who is too sensitive about the pain and can’t endure pain, it might be better for patient to have more free days to do the surgery.

After Korean breast surgery, the method of massage and post-operative care period is all different on each patients. No need to worry about the side effect, if patient follow the procedure and eat prescription medicine, there will be no side effect at all.

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