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Korean Celebrities Frown Eyelid

As a job who always have to maintain their looks, Korean celebrities has their own beauty standard. To do Korean celebrities eyelid surgery, the scar should not be visible and it also should turn to natural result.

Many of Korean celebrities are diagnosed to do Ptosis Correction just because they have drowsy-looking eyes. However, unless the eyelid covers more than 1/3 of the pupils, natural muscle fixing method can be used to correct drowsy-looking eyes.

Ptosis correction sutures the levator muscle used to open the eyes. This procesure is completed by having minute openings on eyelid to tighten muscles and eyelids.

WONJIN Korean celebrities eyelid surgery specialized hospital has recommended this to those who:

  • Have eyes that appear half-closed leading to a sleepy appearance
  • Have tired appearance as upper eyelids cover pupil of the eyes
  • Have droopy eyelids due to use of eyelid tapes or glue
  • Have asymmetric eyes
  • Are not satisfied with first eye surgery

Through this method, patient can have big and clear eyes and feel the difference between the exposure of pupils. If you habitually frown on your eyebrows and forehead every time you open your eyes because they can’t be opened comfortably, then this method is perfect for you.

Ptosis Correction is recommended by Korean celebrities eyelid surgery when the levator muscle is weakened due to aging. This can be fixed by shortening the droopy levator muscle of the Upper Blepharoplasty to prevent droopy eyes and thus baby-face effect can be gained as the forehead wrinkles are also eliminated.

Although both ptosis correction and blepharoplasty help the eyes to be wide opened, different surgical method is used depending on the droop level. If the eyelids aren’t so droopy and the eyes look sleepy due to weak muscles, ptosis correction is appropriate.

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