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Korean Eye Surgery vs Forehead Lifting

Sometimes when you feel there is no problem about your eyes, but you just want to improve your looks. No need for Korean eye surgery, and you should considering of forehead lift. Forehead lift is a surgery that literally lifts the forehead.

Forehead lift surgery can improve sagging eyebrows and wrinkles that are present on forehead due to aging. The surgery has been done as a way of lifting sagging forehead and straightening wrinkles. However, many young patient also go through forehead lift instead of Korean eye surgery these days.

It’s not only caused by aging but those who already have sagging eyebrows can get a forehead lift in order to improve this issue. WONJIN Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea is using Endotine method to lift the forehead. This method has less incision and fast recovery as its advantages.

Who are recommended for this surgery?

  • People who have severe wrinkles on the middle of forehead
  • People who have narrow distance of eyes and eyebrow that can lead into sharp and stuffy impression
  • People who have droopy eyebrow
  • People who want for bigger eyelid
  • People who have continuously lift their foreheads due to sagging eyebrows caused by aging
  • People who have heavy eyelids that are hard to opened
  • People who have baggy eyelids

People who have worries above are recommended to have forehead lifting instead of Korean eye surgery. Because the effect will appear more satisfying on forehead lifting. It takes about 3 months post-surgery for the lifted forehead to be stabilized on the floor. After 3-6 months, if you want to give filler on forehead, it’s also possible

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