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Korean Face Contouring Complex Method

Possessing big face ratio can make you more masculine and strong look. Big face ratio often to be looked at jaw part. Jaw is not the only one that matters at Korean face contouring. Cheekbone, front chin, until forehead part are also playing an important role.

We know that when the lower jaw bone is wide, it can cause a square appearing face. Especially, because of angled bone below the ear, it might look bigger. The solution is Korean face contouring square jaw surgery.

Then for protruded cheekbone. Sometime people don’t really know that they have protruded cheekbone. When they often cover it by hair or hand, it might be the sign. These people are recommended to go for Korean face contouring cheekbone reduction.

Usually cheekbone is protruded if the jaw is wide. In this case, it is difficult to improve the facial line with only square jaw surgery or cheekbone surgery. Therefore, WONJIN Korean face contouring complex surgery is needed. It does not only aim to reduce the facial size, but also improves overall facial line from the cheekbone to the front chin. Also, it based on the balance ratio of the face for a slender V-line.

There are 2 kinds of method that are used in WONJIN Korean face contouring. If you want slimmer face, go for U-line facial contouring. If you want sharper face, go for V-line facial contouring.

Long face are also be one of those facial complex. It could be caused by long or retreaded chin with proper occlusion. Depending on the severity of the cases, Korean face contouring surgery methods may vary from fat grafting to implant augmentation.

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