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Korean Face Contouring Swelling is Double Chin?

We know the purpose of Korean face contouring surgery is to make smaller face. The smooth and sharp v-line can be obtained through this surgery. Of course the enemy of slender v-line is double chin. But after the surgery, the double chin is still there? Would it be considered as a failed surgery?

Also, there are many sayings about double chin that still appear after 3 months Korean face contouring is considered to be the swelling. This information is not completely correct. It might be, but it’s not 100% true.

Double chin might be appear as swelling when the Korean face contouring surgery is located on the front chin. This is caused by double chin has muscle along the lower chin. When the front chin length is reduced, the left muscle will be surrounded or it will stick to the bone.

There are various way to solve double chin problem after Korea face contouring surgery. One of the ways is facial liposuction. But skin elasticity power is different for each patient. Patient would also have poor skin elasticity and have droopy possibility. Also, if patient have too visible double chin, the lifting is also preferred as chosen way.

It’s hard to judge double chin is always considered one of the Korean face contouring swelling symptoms. The precise consultation is needed to know that whether double chin is caused by swelling or the droopy skin. Therefore, WONJIN Korea Face Contouring Specialized Hospital can find you way to solve the problem.

And need to know that a rush revision is a cause for other side effects. Commonly, it is most appropriate to proceed the revision after 6 months when the damaged bones and organization due to the first surgery are completely healed.

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