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Korean Plastic Surgery STEM CELL

Human body is consisted of 60 trillion cells with at least 200 types. There is special cell that can morph into any cell of the body and that is called stem cell. Nowadays, Korean plastic surgery is increasing stem cell technology for tissue regeneration, improve immune function, growth factor activation, and self-renewal cell to divide into increase the number of cell on its own.

Who is recommended for stem cell treatment?

  • People who wish to maintain face volume
  • People who wish to improve aged looking with hollow and saggy cheek
  • People who wish to look younger with smooth face line
  • People who concerned about side effect of implant and filler
  • People who wish to achieve volume on breast and hip without surgery
  • People who wish to improve angular face without any Korean plastic surgery

Korean Plastic Surgery Stem Cell Procedure for fat grafting that creates new cells by increasing volume with the process that decreases air and hear which disturb prompt engraftment after continuous trials and changes for better result.

Korean Plastic Surgery SmartPrep2 Fat Grafting helps the fat grafting result stays by nourishing through the blood vessel created, and that increases vitality of the fat cells. The engraftment percentage of it is higher than when only fat tissues were transplanted due to eruption of adult stem cell into fat cell, so it is great for collagen production and skin elasticity.

Stem cell enriched fat grafting is known as a very safe procedure since it is harvesting the patient’s own cells. WONJIN Plastic Surgery Korea have the latest technologically advanced medical equipment and facilities. Therefore, you do not have to worry about these side effects mentioned above.

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