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Korean Rhinoplasty: Deviated Nose or Crooked Nose?

What is the difference between deviated nose bridge or crooked nose? Is it the same? Maybe it’s same when its looked from the outside, but on Korean rhinoplasty it’s completely the two different things.

Mostly people didn’t know what the difference between crooked nose and deviated nose bridge. Also, they often didn’t know that they are suffering on deviated nose bridge.

In general terms, deviated nose bridge can cause functional problems such as nasal congestion and headache. Korean rhinoplasty for deviated nose in collaboration Wonjin’s ENT department can solve both functional and aesthetic problems.

So, does Korean rhinoplasty can solve both deviated nose bridge and crooked nose at once? If you have crooked nose, you will automatically have deviated nose bridge. We can seen how crooked nose would be at from the nose tip.

Deviated nose bridge point is crooked at the center. If we solve the deviated nose problem, it will also give good effect on crooked nose. Let’s think on the easy way by comparing to the house.

If we have a tilted house and only fix the center, the roof will still be tilted. But if we only fix the roof, the house will still be tilted. If we don’t treat the deviated nose and only focus on crooked nose, it will be back to crooked nose again and it often can lead to nose congestion. Also, the nose tip will also dropped down. This is the reason why the crooked nose surgery must be done along with deviated nose surgery.

What kind of problem that can be seen on deviated nose?

Deviated nose will have asymmetry inferior nasal concha. One side of nose that narrow to the side can lead to breathing problem. That vivalve narrowness can be solved by deviated nose surgery by using the cartilage to make it wider. Chronic rhinitis can be solved by high frequency treatment. People who has crooked nose should check deviated nose symptoms too.

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