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Korean Two Jaw Surgery Feat. Bad Habit

Most people don’t know that some of their habits can lead our face balance ratio. And for the severe case, you must to do such as Korean two jaw surgery to improve your facial ratio improvement. What kind of bad habit that would harm your facial ratio?

Jaw is one of our facial part that risky enough. Commonly your harsh eating habit will affect your jaw movement. Eating too solid food, biting lips, sitting by leaning the jaw on hand, sleeping by side, chewing only using one side are such as an example for bad habit that can harm jaw function.

The most common problem for Korean two jaw surgery are protruded mouth. Usually, those with protruded mouth have protruded cheekbones as well. In this case, ordinary facial contouring surgery alone is not enough to provide dramatic surgical outcomes.

Korean two jaw surgery are also recommended to those who may have:

  • Elongated/ protruding front chin
  • Jutting chin
  • Flat face (face with lack of volume)
  • Protruding mouth (bimaxillary prognathism)
  • Short chin/ retreated chin/ receding chin
  • Wide jaw
  • Deep smile lines
  • Asymmetrical face

There are 2 kinds of method that often to be used for Korean two jaw surgery:

  • IVRO: A method of Korean two jaw surgery that vertically fractures the posterior section of the mandibular bone. It avoids using plates or wires as a fixator to allow for the jaw to function naturally after the procedure, which is much more convenient for patients during post surgical recovery.
  • SSRO: A method that fractures the mandible near the molar, and the bone is fractured in two sections and removed, then reconnected for fixation. This method is know for its short recovery period, becuase the reattachment area has a larger surface area which helps the bone adhere more effectively for faster recovery.

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