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Korean Two Jaw Surgery for Wide Jaw

Mostly people are afraid of Korean two jaw surgery and think this is such a dangerous treatment even it’s worth for a dramatic changes. For wide jaw case, Korean two jaw surgery is recommended when the lower jaw bone is wide and causes a large face. Especially, because of angled bone below the ear, it can make your face bigger.

Usually, those with jaw case, also struggling on protruded mouth as well as asymmetrical face. Of course those face complex can not be treated alone with face contouring surgery to provide dramatic surgical outcomes. WONJIN’s Total Maxillofacial or Korean Two Jaw Surgery involves in giving resolutions for both aesthetic and functional problems at the same time.

Korean two jaw surgery also known as orthogenetic surgery which helps to improve both upper and lower jaw at the same time. After making an incision inside of mouth, the upper and lower jaws are fractured. Then the bone will be moved to the most appropriate position. In order to prevent this position from shifting, metal pins will be fixed.

Doing Korean Two Jaw Surgery need to be hospitalized for about 2 days and 1 night. The first 2 days patient might be breathing uncomfortably. Mostly after 2 weeks surgery, the swelling will be disappear. The best way to make faster recovery is to make many light movement such as walking. Also, drink pumpkin juice can make swelling faster to disappear.

With the development of technology and surgery skills of WONJIN, easier jaw movement and return to daily activities such as eating, talking, oral rinsing after the surgery are possible faster. A year after Korean two jaw surgery regular check up every 6 months is required until 3 years from the surgery date.

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