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Korean Two Jaw Surgery: How Its Works?

Korean Two Jaw Surgery designed for those who have problematic features such as long face, jutting chin, asymmetric face, and jaw dysfunction. Not only beauty, but the functional of face problem can be improved by Two Jaw Surgery Wonjin.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group provide Dental Specialist for functional roles. Also, aesthetic roles will be handled by plastic surgeon. Both you can obtained at once only at the safest Korean Two Jaw Surgery by Wonjin Beauty Medical Group.

The safest Korean Two Jaw Surgery has been done by 2 methods below:

  • SSRO
    • SSRO is method of cutting the jaw bone diagonally into two plates then fixates the bones to the back. SSRO is a very complex procedure which requires high skills because cutting the jaw bone that is consisting of blood vessel and nerves is dangerous which can lead to jaw point problem. Therefore, it is extremely important how precisely the surgeon excise and fixate the bone with good post-operative correction.

  • IVRO
    • Human body has the regeneration ability, which has a habit of going back to an optimum state if damaged. This IVRO method makes good use of the habit, and for the best result, the surgeon’s surgery experience and know-how is required. IVRO makes excision on the lateral part of the jaw bone to find the optimum location without the help of fixating with pins or wires. Since the method does not perform fixation on the bone, it reduces the chance of jaw point problem or pain to reconstruct the function.

The importance of the plate to safely fixate the divided bones into one in Korean Two Jaw Surgery is really strong. Wonjin Beauty Medical Group only uses the high quality plates to perform Korean Two Jaw Surgery.

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