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Long Face Problem Solved By Wonjin Two Jaw Surgery

It’s summer already. The weather is so hot and more and there are many people cutting their long hair or tie it to overcome the heat. But not all people are confident with their facial shape. Some might have square jaw, or some might have long face.

How about yours? Do you think you have long face too? Then pay attention to the information of long face surgery below!

long face surgery

Face might appear longer due to the jaw development but sometimes it’s because of the length itself is longer than the normal face, makes the balance or harmony of the eyes, nose, and mouth is not normal. Sometimes it makes your teeth becoming exposed while you stay quiet.

How do you know if you have a long face? Well, you can check it by yourself before you have the examination and consultation with the specialists though. You’ll just have to look at yourself carefully in front of the mirror. If it looks long, or your gums is visible while smiling, or if your lower part is longer than the upper part of your face. Or maybe people would tell you that you look depressed. Then you can be suspicious.

There are 4 types of long face: the upper gum bone is developed vertically, the middle part is developed and has protruding mouth, only the lower part (chin) is developed, and the lower jaw is big and long.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery long face surgery is implemented by reducing the length of the jaw and soling the problem of the whole face bone at the same time. It’s not simply a lower jaw surgery but first the plastic surgery specialist has to know the condition of the patient. And through SOPP (Simulation Operation Prediction Program) you can predict the result in advance.

Most cases of long face are accompanied by long bones or accompanied by hypertrophy of the mandible. However, there are cases where it is not necessary to solve the problem with two jaw surgery.

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