Everyone knows already that eye plastic surgery is the most popular plastic surgery procedure that is favored by patients from all over the world. And among those procedures of eye plastic surgery, Double Eyelid Surgery would be the mostly done procedure.

Is it the most popular procedure among Korean as well? YES! Double eyelid surgery has been the most popular plastic surgery in South Korea as well as at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. Escpecially among those who just finished their studies at high school and preparing to enter the college. Sometimes it can be a graduation present from their parents.


Most Popular Plastic Surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group


Not only double eyelid surgery but Diet Surgery and Nose Surgery also entered the most popular plastic surgery on 2nd and 3rd place. What it means by Diet Surgery is a procedure of losing weight (losing fat) either through liposuction or as simple as injection or laser to get a body like those famous girl-group members.

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Meanwhile for nose surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, the most popular plastic surgery number 3, is to get a natural and premium goddess nose, through a customized procedures that suits each patients. The implant used for this nose surgery has been approved by FDA and safe to be used, resulting a natural nose that matches well with each face’ features.

There are many types of nose surgery though. Not only nose tip correction or nose extension to create a sharper nose but as well as crooked nose surgery, curved nose surgery, arrow nose surgery, etc. Remember that height of nose alone cannot be the standard of beautiful nose. The overall harmony of nose and other facial parts, including the natural and smooth facial lines from forehead, nose, lips, and front chin.


Most Popular Plastic Surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group


Followed by Face Contouring and Breast Surgery on 4th and 5th place. For face contouring, people would do Chin Surgery the most at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, to get a perfect and natural V-Line. Sometimes chin surgery can also be done together with Cheekbone Reduction Surgery or Square Jaw Reduction Surgery.

Meanwhile for breast surgery, not only the implant is important but also the post operative care which is exclusively provided by Wonjin Beauty Medical Group for breast surgery patients.

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