Korea Breast Plastic Surgery

Famous Breast Implant in Korea

Wondering what is the most famous breast surgery implant in Korea? Known as premium breast implant, it has tons of benefits compared to another implant. This make Motiva feels like queen of Korean breast plastic surgery. Meet Premium Motiva with the highest quality, satisfaction and safety in famous breast surgery center, WONJIN Beauty Medical Group! Motiva
Korean Face Contouring Surgery

Korean Face Contouring Swelling is Double Chin?

We know the purpose of Korean face contouring surgery is to make smaller face. The smooth and sharp v-line can be obtained through this surgery. Of course the enemy of slender v-line is double chin. But after the surgery, the double chin is still there? Would it be considered as a failed surgery? Also, there are
Korea Rhinoplasty

Best Korean Rhinoplasty Revision

Don't want another failure. That's why we have to choose best Korean rhinoplasty for revision. There are so many various reason to do revision surgery. It's not only just because it's failed surgery. Korea rhinoplasty is one of plastic surgery that give you dramatic before after result even there is only little change on it.
Korea Eye Plastic Surgery

Secret Line Korean Eye Surgery Specialized Hospital

Want to do double eyelid surgery but has no time to go Korean eye surgery specialized hospital? For those who have their hectic daily schedule and need fast recovery surgery, this time WONJIN Plastic Surgery Clinic will tell you secret method! Normal Korean eye plastic surgery or another plastic surgery might require you to go back
Korea Two Jaw Surgery

Korea Two Jaw Surgery vs Orthodontic

Better to do Korea two jaw surgery first or orthodontic? It says the most complicated surgery, why we must do it? Does my face should has two jaw surgery? Many people has these worries when we talk about this surgery. People often to choose Korea face contouring instead of two jaw surgery even the dramatic result
Korea Breast Plastic Surgery

Korean Breast Surgery on Friday, Work on Monday!

Korean breast surgery is for bigger and smaller breasts. There are various Korean breast plastic surgery method. Breast reduction for those who have bigger breasts, breast lifting surgery for those who have sagging breasts due to aging, and the most popular one is breast augmentation for smaller breast to achieve prettier breast shape. For worker or
Korean Face Contouring Surgery

Korean Best Face Contouring TOP 3 Picks!

Same as other Korea plastic surgery, Korean best face contouring also has pretty ideal ratio. From front view, the face is divided into three parts. From the forehead to the eyebrow, from the eye brow to the nose tip, and from the nose tip to the chin. The ideal ratio is 1:1:0.8 but of
Korea Rhinoplasty

Korean Best Rhinoplasty: Surgeon x ENT Doctor

Korean best rhinoplasty provides otolaryngology surgery, wherein WONJIN's ENT specialists and plastic surgery specialists collaborate in order to correct both internal structure and aesthetic of the nose at the same time. With over 20 years of experience of Korean best rhinoplasty, WONJIN is now equipped with collaborative center of plastic surgery and ENT department, and
Korea Eye Plastic Surgery

Trusted Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Result

Recently, we can absorb various plastic surgery information as fast as we want. When we know too many information, we can get easily doubt it. To build people's trust, WONJIN Korean eye plastic surgery has also maintaining their high qualified surgeon and technology for about more than 20 years. How can we find the trusted Korean