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Painless Korea Face Contouring for Real?

Korea face contouring surely is about cutting the bone to make perfect face shape line. But mostly all of us is wondering how can much pain that we must get due to this surgery. We’re also afraid and has much worries due to over-thinking about bone-cutting.

This mindset has turn off the original fact. Korea face contouring is not as painful as you’ve ever think. Especially, when we think about cheekbone reduction surgery, we might thinking about it’s really a big procedure surgery and more painful.

In fact, bone has no nerve to feel pain at all. The biggest pain that can be felt on the skin. Then the next order is fat, muscle, and the last one is bone. The most painful scale that can be feel is ordered from the outer layered to the inner part.

The most simple example that can be found in daily life is when we touch a needle. The pain that we can feel is from skin. Bone is never can feel that pain. This also denied all sayings about Korea face contouring is the most painful surgery ever rather than Korea eye plastic surgery and Korea rhinoplasty.

Also, when patient do the Korea face contouring, they don’t need to be hospitalized and possible to go home right on the day after surgery. There is no reason to worry about painful Korea face contouring.

What to do before Korea face contouring?

  • Stop taking the medicines that disturb hemorrhage control at least 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Stop smoking cigarettes at least 3 days before the surgery.
  • Taking shower with mild type soap on the day of surgery is recommended and remove contact lenses, jewelry, accessories, nail polish, and make up before coming to Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic.
  • Do not eat or drink 8 hours before the surgery.
  • Prepare comfortable clothes, scarf, cap, and sunglasses.

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