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[Real Story] How Korean Celebrities Rhinoplasty Works

Curved nose and hooked nose had already been his complex since he was young. He also has sinusitis syndrome. But now through Korean celebrities rhinoplasty, he can get better life.

No wonder Korean celebrities rhinoplasty is popular among the young guys nowadays. The Roman Nose or men ideal nose type nowadays, was a symbol of manliness, unique charisma, and strength. It was also one of the standards for soldiers to get promoted.

Because of that, men whose nose was hooked or crooked were disqualified for their promotion as they believed that Roman soldiers had to appear strong and powerful impression to their enemies.

In general, male have thicker skin around the nose than female, thus silicon implants are widely used by Korean celebrities rhinoplasty. The width of dorsum is what differentiates female and male noses as men tend to have a thicker nasal dorsum, a factor that must be considered when designing the perfect nose before Korean celebrities rhinoplasty.

After Korean celebrities rhinoplasty, he can get to breathe easily and also the nose shape is prettily like as he want. He’s glad that the functionality and also the aesthetic side of his nose can be healed.

Take a look at his story in this video below!

Korean celebrities rhinoplasty has collaborative teamwork between departments from ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) and Plastic Surgery which is very important for the best surgical outcomes. In just about two weeks after Korean celebrities rhinoplasty, the swelling is disappear. He also get post operative treatment to make sure the result is getting better.

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