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[Real Story] Korea Breast Surgery & My Lost Breast

I have suffering lived with my flat breast for 27 years. At first, I’m fine with my condition. I have no problem with my tiny breast because I don’t like wear clothes who show my breast line. Also, I don’t like too-big-breast which not too proper with my body size. Then, I find out about Korea breast surgery.


If you are searching or googling about Korea breast plastic surgery, you will know there are many famous hospital in Korea, especially in Gangnam. And finally I found Wonjin Beauty Medical Group who are leading on Korea breast surgery for more than 20 years.

Would I be like that?

Wonjin has provided Korea consultation that separated into 2 steps: consultation with deputy head manager and consultation with professional surgeon. Through these double step have proved their total care for patient. My consultation result is there’s possibility for me to make bigger size because there is enough spaces between my breast. So it will look natural.

Breast surgery implant

I have told the surgeon that I want full C cup. Then the surgeon says it’s possible with 415cc through armpit incision. I really can’t wait for my Korea breast surgery result. Really expect a lot!


It’s already 1 week after my surgery. Time goes fast! There are no big problem after all. I can wear sport bra now. Can’t wait to wear normal bra again! For you who have a lot of worries to do Korea breast surgery, no need to waste your time. Just go ahead! The result won’t be dissapointing!

TIPS! For those who have big space between your breast, you’re so lucky! You will have bigger breast ever! And for you who don’t want glamorous result, it will be better if you have small space between your breast. Try Korea plastic surgery at least once in your life!

More information about the procedure can be asked through facebook page. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more information and video about Korea plastic surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. And please feel free to PM us on facebook or fill this form to make a reservation as well!

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