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[Real Story] Korea Rhinoplasty Surgery Wonjin

Korea Rhinoplasty Surgery Wonjin

Become a doll nose with Korea rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin!

Before Korea rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin


I feel like my nose is too straight and I do not think that it’s pretty so I decided to have a nose revision surgery..
and it’s a relieve that I know about Wonjin Plastic Surgery that I can trust~^^
It’s such a relieve!!


It’s D-4 before the surgery but I didn’t feel nervous as Wonjin Plastic Surgery is a Korean plastic surgery that I can trust, and they are good at consultation too ^^


I want to get away from this straight nose!!!!!


5 days after Korea rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin


It’s 5th day after the surgery ^-^!!
The position of nose is not stable yet because of the swelling..!
I will work hard to compress it!


But I’m satisfied now that it looks like the surgery is really well done.
And it also seems like nose tip is also getting down nicely!


7 days after Korea rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin


Finally a week after the surgery!!


The bandage on my nose has been removed, and my nose came out nicely, I’m really satisfied^^
It feels so fresh as the stitch is removed as well~ ^^


Anyway, I’m so satisfied!


14 days after Korea rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin


Since the stitch inside is removed too, now what is left is to reduce the swelling!!


And finally..


My nose got taped so it can get a good shape..
Anyway, I’m satisfied and will do my best to reduce the swelling soon!!


30 days after Korea rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin


Finally it’s a month after my nose surgery~^^


Thanks God that the swelling is reduced a lot compared to before!
The nose shape also the position is good~
I’m so satisfied with the result!


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