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[Real Story] Korean Face Contouring Surgery

BEFORE & AFTER korean face contouring surgery



Hello everybody~

Call me Kim Su-hwan. I’m 22 years old.

Welcome to my Korea plastic surgery REAL STORY~



before doing korea plastic surgery



This is my first story.

Actually this will be my first surgery since I was born. Kind a worry but also excited.

Well.. I finally decided to do Korea plastic surgery to reach my dream.

Since I was a kid, I like to sing. I want to be a singer. I made band and started

to do performance here and there. Then when survival singing TV program started

to boom, I also participated on several programs. I even got audition and meeting

with several entertainment companies.

To tell you the truth I have visual impairment that have made me a bit uncomfortable

and somewhat afraid getting closer to my dream.

Sometimes the project related person would also tell me to invest for my look.

Most of them told me to fix my jaw and my cheekbone.

I decided to do something to improve my look.

Choosing clinic or hospital? Well.. I think all clinics are almost the same

but for a difficult surgery that involves cutting bones, it needs special hands with knowledge

and know-how about what he or she is doing.

But I have no money so I sent my application as a plastic surgery model and I got accepted!

As you know there are lots of plastic surgery in Gangnam or Apgujeong area.

In order to choose one, I narrowed down my list into clinics that have long histories and

not small clinics that might disappear suddenly.

I also read real stories and reviews. I joined some websites and did some research.

There I found Wonjin Plastic Surgery~

Good news is I got selected! I can’t wait to do the surgery soon~



3 days after face contouring, eye plastic surgery and rhinoplasty



The day of the surgery. Kind a afraid and worry.

I laid down and the nurse sedated me. I closed my eyes and suddenly when I opened my eyes

the surgery already finished.

It wasn’t as hurt as I thought before. After the surgery I have to wear wafer for 7 weeks

so during that time  I couldn’t speak and I could only drink water, soy milk, juice, etc.

I got no other uncomfortableness except of those things.

It’s just 3 days after Korean face contouring surgery so my face were still swollen.

Couldn’t wait until I could see the result.


7 days after face contouring, eye plastic surgery and rhinoplasty




It’s been one month after Korean face contouring surgery. 

Finally the tape that was attached to my jaw and philtrum could be removed.

I felt so fresh~

When I compared with my 3 days after surgery’s picture,

I could see the swelling went down fast. If I keep doing light exercise and doing

all the precautions that the doctors told me to do than I guess the swelling will go down

in the same pace just like now.

I still only be able to drink soy milk, milk, soup, juice for my meal.

I felt a bit dizzy sometimes maybe because I lack of nutrients.


2 weeks after face contouring, eye plastic surgery and rhinoplasty



It’s been 2 weeks after Korean face contouring surgery. 

The swollen has almost gone all and I could see my face line. Super amazing!

At first I only ate soft porridge, drank soy milk but as I was able to open my mouth

as wide as my two fingers, I could start to eat other food! Yay!

I kept doing light exercise, any exercises that I can do at home.

I also kept practicing opening my mouth.


1 month after face contouring, eye plastic surgery and rhinoplasty



One month after Korean face contouring surgery. 

I don’t feel any pain and I can eat well also exercise well.

Actually the swelling on my face is considered less than other people’s but

as you can see from the picture, it’s better than right after the surgery.

I thought Korean face contouring surgery will hurt but it doesn’t.

I feel no pain, there is no swelling. I feel so satisfied!

I don’t feel any discomfort.

My dream is to be a successful singer. Every time I got an audition, I was worry about

my visual impairment and also my look but now I don’t need to worry anymore!

Now I can focus on my singing.

Thanks to Wonjin~


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