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Reason Why People Choose The Best Rhinoplasty In Korea

There are many plastic surgery clinic in Korea but not all of them perform the best rhinoplasty in Korea. That what makes Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is chosen by many people all over the world, including some top celebrities and entertainers.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group focusing on the design of the best rhinoplasty in Korea, to create a natural nose, both nose bridge and nose tip, using any kind of materials. (Read: Korean Rhinoplasty – Rhinoplasty Materials) As for silicon implants, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group uses only a safe implant that has low degeneration rate. The plastic surgeon would design it very detail, based on each patient’s characteristic to create the most natural nose.

Reason Why People Choose The Best Rhinoplasty In Korea

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group conducts thorough medical examination before the best rhinoplasty in Korea. It is including the nose shape, nose structure. ECG, blood test, etc. With the result of this examination, the plastic surgeon will make a plan for the surgery. It is also used to design the most suitable implant to minimize the side effects.

Best rhinoplasty in Korea, at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

  1. Height & Length
    The design is made by considering the overall harmony of the face. The ideal nose length is 1/3 of the face while the ideal angle between the bridge and the tip is 45 degrees.
  2. Nose Bridge
    The implant used is chosen and designed based on the thickness of the nose skin, as well as the width of the nose bone.
  3. Nose Tip
    The nose tip shape also designed to fit each individual by considering the height, angle, and shape of the nose. Wonjin Beauty Medical Group does not implant only cartilage. After being inserted, the plastic surgeon uses an absorbent support fixture for the septum to make the nose tip hard. In virtue of this support fixture, elastic nose tip can be maintained even after time.

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Best rhinoplasty in Korea is not only about the plastic surgeon or the plastic surgery clinic itself. External factors also can affect the final result of the surgery. In this case, the post-operative treatment and the patient itself, are playing the most important role.

That’s why Wonjin Beauty Medical Group provides post-operative treatment for those who just had the surgery, for the best result of the best rhinoplasty in Korea. Some people also might have additional anti-swelling care program if needed. This is done to help the patient recover faster and more comfortably.

Reason Why People Choose The Best Rhinoplasty In Korea

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