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Rhinoplasty Specialized Hospital, Wonjin

wonjin rhinoplasty specialized hospital
It is necessary to consider the functions and the harmony when it comes to rhinoplasty



Located at the center of face, the shape of someone’s nose can affect someone’s image and appearance as well. If your nose is ideal then your overal impression almost certainly look attractive and pretty. Nose has big role in deciding individual images. In addition, many people only concern about their outward appearance and rarely think about their internal health.  For example in the case of curved nose, when the curved nose is corrected, there could be a breathing problem or rhinitis caused by allergy.

Rhinoplasty can solve not only cosmetic but also functional problems. It is effective for improving the inconvenience caused by a problem in your nose. That is the reason why rhinoplasty like correcting curved nose and hooked nose,  get so popular these days. However, it is necessary to know and understand that rhinoplasty should be done in a rhinoplasty specialized hospital like Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic because a hospital specialized in rhinoplasty knows how to perform the surgery by considering the overall harmony of patient’s face and patient condition.

In the past, rhinoplasty only focuses on reshaping and resizing nose to make a pointy nose and a lean nose-end but now rhinoplasty tren has swifted to an individualized rhinoplasty which considers facial shape and image of each person. An ideal nose when viewed from side should have a natural line that connects forehead, lip and chin.  The bridge of nose to the end of the nose should look natural and it should be appropriate and in proportion with the overall face.

Rhinoplasty specialized hospital, Wonjin


As a rhinoplasty specialized hospital, Wonjin always conducts pre-operative 1:1 consultation with well-experienced Wonjin’s plastic surgeon. Every patients shoud undergo a pre-operative examination to analyze the nose shape, facial bone, nasal bone, etc. Through pre-operative consultation and detail examination, surgeon will help you to choose implant that fits your nose best.

To make the most of rhinoplasty, it is important to be clear about what you expect the surgery to achieve and most of all it is important to choose rhinoplasty specialized hospital with excellent safety concerns.


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