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Secret Line Korean Eye Surgery Specialized Hospital

Want to do double eyelid surgery but has no time to go Korean eye surgery specialized hospital? For those who have their hectic daily schedule and need fast recovery surgery, this time WONJIN Plastic Surgery Clinic will tell you secret method!

Normal Korean eye plastic surgery or another plastic surgery might require you to go back to the clinic for stitch removal. This time Secret Line by WONJIN Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Specialized Hospital is really different and admitted to the most simple and quickest method.

As its name, Secret Line by WONJIN Korean Eye Surgery Specialized Hospital has secret and professional method that can make pretty double eyelid only for 30 minutes! Also, people will not notice you have had surgery because the recovery is so fast.

As it has quick procedure, patient will be able to take the surgery on Friday or Saturday and go for work normally on Monday without any pain and swelling. Also, using natural fixation method, patient won’t need to come back to Korean eye surgery specialized hospital until 1 month after surgery.

The important point for this surgery is patient recommended to maintain the post-surgery treatment by yourself for the best result. Apply ice pack until 3 days after surgery is the most recommended one to help the swelling recovery fast.

Secret Line Method not only can give patient pretty double eyelid, but it can change eyes into different image that patient prefer to. There are 2 popular image in Korea which is Puppy eyes that has innocent looks and Cat eyes that has more elegance looks.

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