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[Real Story] Gangnam Breast Surgery Review

Gangnam Breast Surgery Review

[Gangnam breast surgery review]
As a woman in South Korea, it’s been stressful that my breast size is A cup.. every woman will understand..
You guys understand right? It’s not only me right?
Because it doesn’t have volume, people like me couldn’t even dream of wearing bikini or something like that.
I really want to be voluminous.. in other word.. hmm.. being sexy sometimes, but because of my breast, I always give up.
At time like this I realize that woman has to have breast at some point.. ㅠ
If I do boobs job I will only wear thigh clothes everywhere I go!!!
That’s why I had Gangnam breast surgery, and here is the review!

Gangnam Breast Surgery Review


It’s 3rd day after my boobs job…
I don’t remember how I spent these 3 days..
It hurts since the day of the surgery until now..
But.. bit by bit, it’s getting better I guess, though I still couldn’t lay down and wake up alone by myself..
If I cough even once, it’ll be a chaos..
My waist also hurts if I sat straight but it feels better if I lay down~
I’m hanging up while taking painkiller..
And of course I still can’t remove the bandage.. but I’m amazed that my breast is getting bigger! Kkkk

Gangnam Breast Surgery Review

Finally the 7th nights has passed!
I got injected on my breast today at the hospital~
Finally I got to see my breast… and when I see it.. woah! I’m really amazed! +ㅁ+
It still hurts when my breast was touched though ㅠㅠ
Well, after got injection, I changed from shaping underwear into a sport bra, and the stitch on my armpit has been removed~
What to say.. it’s just that I changed into sport bra but it feels so good..
It’s been hard and annoying, also hurts so much these past week.. it’s been like I got reward for all of those things today~
It looks like I can move naturally now, but it hurts that the swelling hasn’t been reduced~
Well, it’s been only a week right~~ haha
My armpit is not hurting anymore, and it’s not itchy~
Just I hope it’ll get its shape soon!
My breast.. I’m happy even by only looking at it haha
I know it’s my breast but.. my breast is so pretty kkkk

Gangnam Breast Surgery Review


As time passes, the pain got way better than the first day of surgery. However I still can feel pain around my nipple and areola sometimes.
It still hurts when I stand up from lying position, and I can go out to café for long time when I felt uncomfortable even when I was sitting down at first! The pain on my back has reduced a lot!
There is almost no pain on my armpit! Thus I hope the pain on my breasts disappear as soon as possible T.T It was really painful when my breasts were touched at first, but it is continuously getting better as I don’t really feel any pain on my breasts even when I touch them by myself!

Gangnam Breast Surgery Review


I think most of the pain disappeared from my breasts.
Everything is okay except for my nipples.
It doesn’t hurt even when I squeeze my breasts by myself, and I feel so happy everyday as I look so glamorous and get to love my breasts more and more every time I look at them when I thought my breasts are relatively large compare to my body once.
It is really amazing how it is significant that I have breasts with great volume when I am wearing clothes.
It is really great that I can sleep on my side now!!
I am looking forward for spring as I would be able to wear tight clothes then.
My plastic surgeon said that my breasts are uneven before surgery, but this is hardly significant unless I look into them in detail during shower after surgery. The surgeon did such a fantastic job.


Gangnam Breast Surgery Review


My breasts are getting softer continuously.
My left breast is softer than the right one especially, and the pain on my nipple got better.
It is annoying to wear bandage on my breast still.
But I think it is okay because I got used to it.
I thought my asymmetric nipples would be significant after surgery, however it is hardly significant because my plastic surgeon operated on me really well!!!
I am getting more satisfied every day with my breasts!
I really want to get this bandage off T.T
I am massaging my breasts with my hands often for them to become softer.


Gangnam Breast Surgery Review


My left breast is softer compared to my right one~ haha
Well, it’s a bit hard but it’s really better than the first time!
The sense of my nipples are also getting back!

I want to be free from this sport bra~ ㅠㅠ
I want to go around with my breast gathered kkkk

The weather is also getting better so I guess I can start to wear clothes confidently~
I can’t help but smiling while thinking of that! Kkk


Gangnam Breast Surgery Review

Hmm when I went to lingerie store last time, the staff said that my breast size is 75D, but she told me to wear 80C this time.
I was worried, but I tried it on after purchasing that, and it perfectly fits!
It feels so new to wear wire bra after taking the sports bra off! It feels like I am getting more confidence.
Finally I can wear wire bra T.T
The time was going so slow for last 6 months when I had to wear sports bra, so I am very happy now.
It still feels like my right breast is slightly harder than the other one, but there is no discomfort!
Now they feel like my own breasts, which is really good.

Gangnam Breast Surgery Review

This fluorescent colored bra is what I used to wear before surgery, and it feels amazing when I tried this on just then.
Breasts with volume make someone very confident.
My breasts are slightly big compare to my small upper body, but I really have to thank my surgeon when I almost had no breast until now!
There is no discomfort on my breasts at all.
They just feel like my own~
I am just thinking that my breasts were always like this.
I am really proud of my breasts now haha
People around me complimented on how glamorous I am~
I wish other people can dress up with confidence like me!
Thank you to the plastic surgeon at Wonjin Plastic Surgery lol
My breasts are the most beautiful!!

Gangnam Breast Surgery Review

I have inserted bigger implants than other people but it doesn’t make me look bad or silly.
It’s actually better because I look more glamorous.
I cannot explain how great I feel when I go to lingerie store.
I always bought cheap bras before surgery, but for now, every time I go to lingerie store, I can tell the staffs about my breast size with confidence.
I think sensation on my breasts came back.

BREAST RECONSTRUCTION At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Breast Surgery Specialized Center

Do you ever wondering how people with breast cancer or accident gained back their breast? Yes, they can be treated through a reconstruction surgery, a breast reconstruction surgery. This is a procedure available at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Breast Surgery Specialized Center, to remove breast or underwent mastectomy from breast cancer, accident, or had one or even both breasts damaged.


Breast reconstruction is not only can be done through breast implant insertion but also tissue expansion, also fat grafting. Of course it will be decided which material can be used, based on the condition of each patients and patients’ preferred.


Recommended for those who:

  1. Lost one or both breasts from breast cancer
  2. Have uneven breasts after breast cancer treatments
  3. Have deformed shaped breast after an accident


Breast Surgery Specialized Center


Beside breast reconstruction surgery, there is also an areola or nipple reconstruction at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Breast Surgery Specialized Center. Yes, Wonjin is not only focusing on restoring the breast itself but also the areola and nipples. Using the most natural looking permanent color and pattern, the area and nipples will keep their unique texture and provides a natural looking result.

Breast implants used for regular breast augmentation surgery are inserted to easily reconstruct the breasts. The breast implants are inserted underneath the muscle so that it does not affect breast cancer check-ups. Polyurethane breast implants are used to prevent the risks of secondary side effects and hardening.


Breast Surgery Specialized Center


Meanwhile, breast reconstruction surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Breast Surgery Specialized Center, it is using the tissue expander to expand the breast tissue, the breast implant will then be inserted into the breast. This method is used to expand breast tissue after breast cancer surgery, where a portion of the breast has been removed, and then insert a “cohesive gel” breast implant similar to the texture of real breast tissue.


Breast Surgery Specialized Center

  1. Insert tissue expander into the correct place.
  2. Saline solution is injected into the tissue expander. Tissue expansion begins after saline solution is injected.
  3. Tissue expander is removed.

Breast Surgery Specialized Center

  1. Implant is inserted into the expanded space.
  2. The treatment is completed.


More information about the procedure can be asked through our facebook page and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more information and video about Korea plastic surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery. And please feel free to PM us on facebook to make a reservation as well!

Breast Surgery Before And After Photos

breast surgery before and after photos


Helo everybody! I’m 25 years old! I wanna share my personal real story of breast surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. You’ll be able to see my breast surgery before and after photos! Almost uncovered!

I really hope this real story can help you to make best decision that I promise will affect your life! 

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before korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin

Before breast surgery photos



I get a lot of stress because of my small breasts. Padded bra is my best friend! I always choose bikini that can push my volume up. My friends thought that I have a good sexy body while actually I am not. Since I was a young girl, I always have skinny body. Maybe that’s why my breasts also have no volume.

I gained 10 kg but no change on my breasts. Luckily my diet was successful so I reduced my weight but!!! my breasts were getting smaller!

I finally decided to have breast surgery. And it’s gonna be tomorrow!

I’m so excited and nervous at the same time but I believe it’s all gonna be OK!



7 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin

7 days after breast surgery photos



Yesterday I removed my hemo vac. I felt far more comfortable after the hemo vac was being removed. And Wow! One week has passed! Today is the day to remove the thread! It didn’t hurt at all. I heard scissors sound but I didn’t feel anything like nothing happened.



7 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 2

7 days after breast surgery photos


Today I also removed the bandage around my breast.


7 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 3

7 days after breast surgery photos



7 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 4

7 days after breast surgery photos



I thought today I will get capsular contracture prevention injection but I didn’t get it. One week later I’ll go back to Wonjin to have my breasts checked again maybe that time I’ll get the injection.


7 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 5

7 days after breast surgery photos



Now I just need to eat antibiotic and medicine to prevent capsular contracture. Nurse said I could lay down and sleep just like I used to sleep but still reminded me not to move my arm that much because there could be bleeding and if that happens that means I need to get another treatment to get the blood out.


14 days after korea breast plastic surgery

14 days after breast surgery photos


I came to Wonjin again because last week when I went for check up, doctor said the recovery process between my breasts are different. Today I got the remaining thread removed.


14 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 2

14 days after breast surgery photos



The scar was not as bad as I thought but I need to give extra care so that it can heal without any scar remain. I got capsular contracture injection today, 3 times each so total 6 times. Just a little sting and it’s over soon ^^.

Now I can be free from supportive nursing bra! I only use bandage around my breast when I sleep. So, here are my new breast 2 weeks after breast surgery!



14 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 3

14 days after breast surgery photos


Well, actually I regret about the size. I think what people said are somewhat right. “Now that you got breast surgery, make your breasts bigger!” I decided 320 cc each. I thought they are big enough but they aren’t.

Until now my breasts are still hard. I hope they become softer as soon as possible.



30 days after korea breast plastic surgery 1

30 days after breast surgery photos


Now that it’s already one month after breast surgery, I feel no hurt anymore! Now I can sleep comfortably. I can lift up my arms freely!

Two weeks ago I said I regret my breasts size but now I changed my mind. The size just right for my body size. My breasts were just the size of little girl and now they are bigger like this. I feel so confidence for the first time in my life to live as a real woman!


30 days after breast surgery photos

30 days after breast surgery photos


Now that it doesn’t hurt anymore, and my breasts are much much softer, one thing I still worry is the scar under my armpit. But doc said it’ll disappear by time and told me not to worry.



30 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 3

30 days after breast surgery photos


I am getting the infrared treatment. It’s warm and nice!


30 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 4

30 days after breast surgery photos




30 days after korea breast plastic surgery at Wonjin 5

30 days after breast surgery photos


I try to wear bikini and just like you can see from the photos above! My breasts are so pretty and full! I never thought this time could happen in my life! I’m so ready to wear bikini~~



60 days after korea breast plastic surgery 1

2 months after breast surgery photos


2 months has passed. This is how the scar looks now.


60 days after korea breast plastic surgery 2

2 months after breast surgery photos


As you can see, my breasts are so natural!


60 days after korea breast plastic surgery 3

2 months after breast surgery photos



Look at my breasts! What do you think?

I think they are getting more beautiful and natural!

They are softer and softer just like real breasts~



3 months after korea breast plastic surgery 1

3 months after breast surgery photos



My breasts just look like real! No pad at all and look at the volume! I still have scars on my armpit so I try not to show my armpit that much.

Couldn’t imagine 3 months ago my breasts were A cup but now it’s bigger and beautiful!




7 months after breast surgery photos

7 months after breast surgery photos



I went to the underwear store and the employee suggested that I should wear cup D or E!! I thought maybe B or C would be enough, but D, E…. WOW! and they are SOFT! Like marshmallow!!! Like real breasts! See the photos by yourself!



7 months after breast surgery photos 2

7 months after breast surgery photos



So I asked her to measure my breasts. I admitted that I just did breast surgery. She said if diameter of lower breast and upper breast difference is more than 20 cm, one should wear E cup. Mine is 20 cm! So I should wear D cup!




9 months after breast surgery photos

9 months after breast surgery photos




11 months after breast surgery photos 2

11 months after breast surgery photos



11 months after breast surgery photos

11 months after breast surgery photos


Yeah! The scar is almost gone! I think the key is post care management!

Don’t forget to apply medicine to help the scar went faster.


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Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery System, UNDOUBTABLE



Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery understand your needs

Point 1. They feel like they’ve always been a part of your body!

No need to worry about hard and excessively firm implants!

Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery aims to make the most natural implant as possible.

Watch how natural Wonjin’s real breast here! See it yourself then you’ll believe it!

Point 2. Wonjin designs the most desirable breasts with perfect fit and angle 

The angles of the breasts are also adjustable the way you want it. Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery customizes each design accordingly to ensure the best outcomes!

Point 3. Cherish the glamour for the rest of your lives

Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery eliminates side effects like capsular contracture (Learn morea about capsular contracture here). Wonjin inserts implant into the right spot, securing neerves and blood vessels via the use of endoscope. With the assistance of sophisticated medical technology and exceptional skills of the surgeon, side effects can be eradicated.

dr. Park Wonjin, director of Wonjin Plastic Surgery performs Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery by himself.  Read more: Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Luxury & Premium Korea Breast Surgery.


Point 4. You will feel vibrant and alive with your new breasts 

Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery ensures that every patient feels comfortable with their new breasts whilst carrying out daily activities like running and even when lying down.



Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery Beautiful Breast Golden Ratio 



The most ideal breast is when the length of A, B, C is equilateral triangle (17+-  1cm ~ 22cm).

Nipple : Areola : Breast diameter ratio = 1 : 3 : 9


The basis of full breast

  • The upper part of breast is not too bulged or sunken
  • Has smooth breast line from collarbone to nipple
  • Has full and round teardrop shaped on the lower part of breast


The basis of pretty nipple

  • The upper part of nipple is flat at an angle of 90 degrees
  • The lower part of breast is full at an angle of 110~120 degrees



Read Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Best Plastic Surgery In Korea


The differentiation of Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery 


Wonjin Breast Center has 3rd generation full 3D endoscope 

  • With 3rd generation full HD video system endoscope, it is possible to analyze the muscle structure and incise accurately which reduces the nerve damage and preserving the sensation on nipple and breast
  • With endoscope it is possible to minimize bleeding through small incision for faster recovery
  • 3rd generation full HD endoscope can find even the smallest bleeding area which helps to reduce the possibility of side effect
  • Minimized pain through accurate and precise incision which makes the post-operative care easier





Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery safe and painless implant insertion method

  • It is aseptic disposable product without any possibility of contamination
  • Reduces tissue damage and bleeding through soft and easy insertion
  • Minimal pain and low possibility of side effects
  • The implant does not rotate during insertion
  • Any insertion area is suitable including armpit, areola, and under the breast which reduces the surgery time







Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery creates beautiful breasts with no side effects

  • It is excellent for tissue stabilization. Capsulitis enhances the micro blood flow to stabilize the soft tissue
  • Remove the possibility of inflammation at an early stage
  • The metabolism activates which leads to natural shape and soft feeling








Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery System



System 1.  Breast surgery specialized center

The 3D scanner technique makes Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery more accurate!

This only exists at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group! Exclusive medical team at Wonjin breast specialized center.







System 2. Medical Examination

Before surgery, more than 50 medical examinations will be performed to scientifically analyze the patient’s condition and body type. With the result, customized surgery plan will be established.

In body, chest X-ray, blood test, EKG, breast ultrasonic examination







System 3. In-depth consultation

Before having in-depth consultation with the specialist, primary consultation will be held with breast surgery specialized consultant in order to exactly understand the needs of the customer. Also, it is possible to check the most ideal size depending on the individual’s body type through Size Fit Service. 

In-depth consultation with specialist will be done based on consultation record with consultant. At this type, type of implant, size, and surgical method will be decided based on the medical examination result and individual’s condition.




System 4. Design before the surgery

The expectation of the result can be accurately predicted through medical examination, consultation record, and final design before the surgery







wonjin-korea-breast-surgery-system-5 System 5. Safe surgery 

The surgery is done safely at the aseptic operating room which blocks all external contamination factors with 1:1 personalized care of anesthesiologist.

3D endoscope, Keller Funnel 2, Dermabond.

Reduced pain and recovery time through minimized incision can be achieved with our cutting-edge safety equipment. depending on the patient’s condition, suture thread or Dermabond can be selected for minimizing the scarring.





Check out Korea Breast Plastic Surgery Real Story 






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Breast Surgery Specialized Hospital

breast surgery specialized hospital



Breast plastic surgery..  Whenever we heard those word, we always think breast augmentation surgery. Well, actually it isn’t! There is also breast lifting surgery. As we all already know, as women age and after giving birth, breast tissue and skin loose elastic fibers which cause the breast to droop. Breast surgery specialized hospital can help lift saggy breasts to regain their elasticity and volume.

Breast lifting surgery is approprate for those

1. Have extreme mastoptosis

2. Want to correct drooped breast due to breast feeding

breast lifting case at breast surgery specialized hospital



3. Want to correct drooped breast due to sudden weight lost.

With extreme diet, the breasts may become smaller and drooped just like the picture below.

breast lifting case at breast surgery specialized hospital-3



Dropping breasts may happen due to child birth, aging, extreme weight loss. A customized surgery is important to correct this drooping breasts which you can get only in a Breasts Surgery Specialized Hospital.

The surgery method depends on the droopiness level and condition of the breast tissue, so you need an examination at the Breast Surgery Specialized Hospital from an experienced surgeon.


sagginess level




In medical term, sagging breast is called ‘mastoptosis’ and the breast lifting method differs depending on the level of saggines.

So what is called normal breasts? Self-Check!!!

The nipple of the normal breasts should located 4-5 cm above the lower part of the breasts.

Stage A Mastoptosis: The nipple is dropped less than 1 cm from the line underneath the breast

Solution from breast surgery specialized hospital: improvement throught breast augmentation or increase the elasticity by belody laser treatment.

Stage B Mastoptosis: The nipple is dropped about 1-3 cm from the line underneath the breast

Solution from breast surgery specialized hospital: correction through breast augmentation or breast lifting

Stage C Mastoptosis: The nipple is drooped more than 3 cm from the line underneath the breast

Solution from breast surgery specialized hospital: correction through breast augmentation + breast lifting

breast surgery specialized hospital before after photos




As Breast Surgery Specialized Hospital, Wonjin doesn’t rely on implants.

Wonjin completes your volume with mammary glad correction. Of course for patients with extremelly saggy breasts, Wonjin also uses implants to increase the effect.

breast lifting in breast surgery specialized hospital




Breasts with some volume and breast tissue can be improved without using an artificial implants and only by repositioning the mammary gland tissue. But this surgery required high technical skills and aesthetic sense as well, so make sure you choose a breast surgery specialized hospital like Wonjin to have this kind of surgery.

After removing the sagged skin and mammary gland tissue, the remaining tissue will be tied and pulled on the breast muscle.

And another treatment to increase the elasticity is by belody laser. One of the reason for the breast sagging is when the collagen and elastin are decreasing by aging and causes the loss of elasticity. In this case, the elasticity and volume can be improved by stimulating the dermal layer of the skin with powerful laser wave.


belody lasert treatment in breasy surgery specialized hospital