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Fast Result Just As Fast As LTE, Wonjin LTE V-Line

Being pulled in seconds.. being different just right after!

No need Korean face contouring surgery, but a lifting procedure! LTE V-Line Lifting. It’s one of those many anti-aging treatments, which is using a special thread that has collaborated with Aptos thread, a thread that is excellent for lifting effects and melting thread that has collagen regeneration capacity, which leads to restore saggy skin’s elasticity quickly. It maintains the healthy skin for long time as it also increases collagen regeneration with melting thread.

This procedure is really a recommended anti-aging treatment at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, especially for those who want to have a quick V-Line effect without have to receive a surgery. And because it’s a lifting procedure, of course it also helps to improve wrinkles as well as droppy skin, with a much greater effect than a general V-Lifting.

Fast Result Just As Fast As LTE, Wonjin LTE V-Line


So.. WHY Wonjin Plastic Surgery for LTE V-Line Lifting?

  1. Lifting effect for younger face in short period!
    As stated before, with this procedure at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, you will get a real result just right after the procedure done, which is drastically shortened compared to the general lifting treatment.
  2. The bi-direction hook improves elasticity and volume at the same time!
    The special bi-direction hook thread which is used for the procedure can pull saggy skin effectively and add volume for rejuvenation effect at the same time, with a single procedure.
  3. Almost no scar, quick recovery!
    Is it possible to insert the thread without any incision? YES! The thread for LTE V-Line is inserted without making any incision so it won’t be noticeable and a natural result can be achieved. As it doesn’t have incision, you can also back to your daily activity soon.

The bi-direction hook pulls wrinkles and saggy skin making V-Line. Also on the midpoint of the bi-direction, the skin tissues gather and create natural volume of baby face. Incisions on both sides were made to balance lifting in pre-existing method, but LTE V-Line has dispersed bi-direction hooks, which enables thread to be inserted from one side. Thus, patients don’t need to concern about scars and are able to wash their face and put make up on their face immediately.

Fast Result Just As Fast As LTE, Wonjin LTE V-Line

Wonjin Plastic Surgery lifting key points:

1. Direction
Well understanding of skin base structure to pinpoint the fix point to pull skin tissues in right direction is very important for the good result.
2. Force
The adequate amount of pulling force is needed accordingly because the front cheek, jaw line, etc. have all different stretching level.
3. Combination
The best result can be expected by combining several threads together for different areas.
4. Skill
Doctor’s sophisticated and skilled technique are the most important factors for the good result.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Must Have Vampire Skin Part 1




Do you want to stop your aging clock? Tick Tock Tick Tock…

Welcome to Wonjin plastic surgery Vampire Series to welcome Halloween Month!

Let’s Dig The Vampire Skin!

Must have

1) It should be firm

2) It should be bright

3) It should be slick

“It should shine bright by beauty!”

Part 1. The King Of Baby Face Plastic Surgery:








Look at this 40 something woman!

After getting WONJIN PLASTIC SURGERY VAMPIRE LIFTING , Korean anti aging treatment,

the magical lifting that goes against time,

she looks much much younger now.





Jaw line that became unclear because of aging, without realizing that she just looked cranky. Sagging cheek, smile line, sagging mouth corner were her complex until she met WONJIN PLASTIC SURGERY VAMPIRE LIFTING.

WONJIN PLASTIC SURGERY VAMPIRE LIFTING is a combination therapy consists of DNA Lifting & Wine Growth factor injection.


  • Duration: less than 30 minutes
  • Anesthesia: local/ cream
  • Hospitalization: no need
  • Return to daily activities: immediately



WONJIN PLASTIC SURGERY VAMPIRE LIFTING is affordable, fast with high satisfaction rate among patients.

1) Lifting technology that only can be experienced in Wonjin Plastic Surgery

Wonjin Plastic Surgery has over 20 years of clinical experiences handling various cases of lifting so we believe we are very capable of giving our patients the best lifting program 1:1

2) We ensure anyone can get the treatment at one day with sufficient growth factor treatment

Usually after taking antithrombotic, it is impossible to get a treatment done on the same day but at Wonjin, we make it possible!

3) High engraftment rate gives long-lasting effects

DNA thread that is inserted inside the dermis layer & wine growth factor injection synergic effect increase engraftment rate and increase collagen production so it gives long-lasting effect compare to common skin regeneration’s effect.

4) Short duration, treatment that doesn’t hurt

There is no incision, treatment will be done within 30 minutes. Wonjin Plastic Surgery uses local anesthesia/ cream anesthesia that helps you feel almost no pain.



♣  NO Need To Explain MORE  ♣

This is the new trend baby face plastic surgery. RESULT TALKS!





Next post is about

Part 2. Magic ampoule that stops aging:


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Jadi Lebih Muda & Lebih Cantik Dengan 3D Tight Lifting

3D tight lifting Wonjin


Apakah itu 3D Tight Lifting Wonjin?

Salah satu jenis mesh lifting yang paling canggih, dapat mengangkat jaringan kulit 360 ° dengan menggunakan benang tipe silinder yang dapat memberikan hasil segera setelah prosedur.


Apakah hal yang paling signifikan yang membedakan 3D Tight Lifting Wonjin ini berbeda dengan lifting anti aging yang lain?

3D Tight Lifting Wonjin adalah mesh lifting dengan benang silinder yang pertama kali di dunia. kalau hasil lifting versi sebelumnya terlihat setelah beberapa waktu, maka hasil 3D Tight Lifting Wonjin ini tampil segera setelah prosedur selesai!!


3d tight lifting-mesh advantage

Keuntungan benang bertautan


Menarik kulit kendur dari dalam

Penempelan alami pada jaringan




3d tight lifting-barb advantage

Keuntungan dari kaitan benang


Menarik keriput pada lapisan kulit

Meregenerasi dengan cara menstimulasi pembentukan kolagen, meminimalkan kekenduran pada kulit






Dengan pemahaman total akan jaringan kulit dan pengalaman selama 20 tahun, Lifting Center Wonjin dapat menemukan point inti prosedur lifting yang dapat memaksimalkan lifting dengan cara menghindari jaringan saraf.

1. OK sekali prosedur

Dapat mengatasi garis senyum, pipi kendur, dan membentuk wajah bergaris V untuk sekali prosedur.

2.  Hasil yang alami

Penempelan alami dengan tautan 3D, memberikan efek lifting semi permanen.

3. Tidak ada bekas luka sama sekali

Tidak ada bekas luka sama sekali karena lifting dilakukan melalui lubang kecil di kulit kepala.

4. Lifting baru yang pertama kali di dunia

Menggunakan benang bertaut 3D yang pertama kali di dunia.


POINT Penting Tarik Benang/ Lifting Wonjin

a) Arah

Pemahaman akan struktur dasar kulit dan dapat menunjuk point penting jaringan kulit yang mana yang perlu ditarik ke arah yang tepat.

b) Kekuatan

Pemahaman akan kekuatan tarik benang yang diperlukan untuk masing-masing bagian wajah sebab pipi depan, garis rahang, dll masing-masing mempunyai level penarikan (stretching level) yang berbeda-beda.

c) Kombinasi

Hasil terbaik dapat dicapai dengan kombinasi beberapa benang untuk area yang berbeda.

d) Keahlian

Teknik dan pengalaman serta know-how dari dokter bedah kosmetik adalah faktor terpenting untuk mencapai hasil yang maksimal.


Area untuk 3D Tight Lifting Wonjin

1) Garis senyum, lemak di pipi

2) Keriput di dahi dan sekitar mulut

3) Keriput dan kendur di sekitar leher

4) Efek kontur wajah V-line




Face Lift Surgery-Which Lifting Thread To Choose?

which thread to choose-lifting in wonjin



Yesterday we have discussed everything you need to know about lifting era and how to look as young as you feel. So today, we are going to discuss more on the lifting thread itself.

As you know, there are a lot of thread using in lifting procedure. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea also provides many kinds of lifting procedure depending on patient’s needs. And today we are going to focus more on melting thread VS non-melting thread.

At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea,we have special medical thread that has 2-3 times more wrapping than regular thread. This non-melting thread V lifting has strong fixation and tenacity so it provides semi permanent effect.

non melting thread v-lifting effect wonjin



Principles of non-melting thread V lifting

principles of non melting thread v-lifting wonjin



Special features of non-melting thread V lifting

non melting v-lifting thread



  • It is a safe thread that has been approved by the KFDA (Korea Food Drug and Administration)
  • It has 2-3 more times  spiral than the previous thread for stronger support and tenacity
  • It has proven to be a safe thread through 50 years of clinical trials and there is almost no side effects
  • The results are effective even with a few threads
  • With the regeneration of collagen, the skin tone becomes clear and brighter


Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea doesn’t simply insert the thread  but the thread is inserted deep within the dermis rather than the outer skin. As the thread is being inserted, the skin is softly rubbed so that the spiral can hook well to the skin tissue and after finding a correct fixation spot, then the soft tissue is pulled in the opposite direction of gravity.


non melting thread V lifting injection area

                                   non melting thread V lifting injection area



Meanwhile, the lifting procedure which uses melting thread is called ultra v lifting. Maybe you are worried with the fact that the inserted thread will melt slowly in our body. At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, we only use PDO (Polydioxanone) thread that got the highest safety level (level 4) from KFDA.

ultra v lifting melting thread



PDO thread is not harmful to the human body. It is made of protein, so it regenerate collagen and new blood vessels so that the skin tone looks brighter. With the improvement of blood circulation, the skin will look clearer.

melting thread ultra V-lifting wonjin



Principles of melting thread ultra V-lifting 

principles of melting thread ultra v-lifting wonjin



The thread is made of protein so it will slowly be absorbed within 6-8 months. It will increases the regeneration continuously which help the skin to become clear and elastic again.


melting thread ultra V lifting injection area

                                         melting thread ultra V lifting injection area



Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea recommends for you who are still in your 20s to use melting thread, means to get ultra V lifting procedure. And for you who are already in your 40s to use non-melting thread, means to get V lifting procedure.

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Lifting Era – Look As Young As You Feel!!!

lifting in wonjin


Everybody knows lifting is one quick way to look young and prettier. This post will give you a full complete guide about lifting.

Welcome to the Lifting World!

Here are Q&A About Lifting

Q1. Can I really get a V shape just by pulling the skin?

A1. Actually lifting regenerates the dead skin cells to make the skin elastic. Lifting can’t work alone. If the drooping muscle tissue, fat and skin are corrected together, then the patient can get a V line effect quickly and easily. 

Q2. How long will one lifting procedure last? Do I need lifting every year?

A2. Not necessarily. Lifting procedures last according to the skin type. In fact, the cells will regenerate 6 months – 1 year after the treatment to increase the elasticity. The effect varies from patient to patient but some may get the effect last up to 2 years. 


lifting in wonjin-2



At Wonjin, we don’t only pull the wrinkles on the outer layer of the skin but we regenerate the cells so that the effects can last from 1 year to 5 years. For the incision lifting treatments, the effects may be semi permanent.


Q3. Can people in their 20s receive lifting? 

A3. Yes of course. Lifting is no longer limited for middle aged people. This procedure can maintain youthful skin for those in their 20s-30s and also delay aging process.

wonjin lifting effect by age

For 20s, lifting focuses on strenghtening the elasticity and preventing aging


wonjin lifting effect by age-2

                                                                                    For 50s-60s, natural effect is the key



Q4. There are too many types of lifting!

A4. The most well known treatments for lifting are melting or non melting thread lifting, laser lifting which regenerated the cells within the skin without incision, and incision lifting to remove severely drooping skin.

It is very important to receive a treatment that is specific to your type of skin.


Lifting Information:

  • Surgery time: 30 – 40  minutes
  • Anesthesia: local anesthesia with sleeping
  • Hospitalization: same day
  • Thread removal: 7 days
  • Treatment: 1-2 times
  • Recovery: daily activity possible after surgery


Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea’s Lifting Know How

Know How #1  Drection of the thread and the fixation

Wonjin Korea only uses safe thread approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). At Wonjin, we calculate the elasticity and amount of muscle so that the position for insertion can be located deep within the dermis and the soft skin tissue is pulled based on the necessary direction. This is why we can prevent infection and thread visibility and this is why we can help increasing skin elasticity.

Know How #2 Wonjin doesn’t only pull the eye catching wrinkles but Wonjin Korea regenerates dead skin cells. 

lifting in wonjin-3


Wonjin inserts the thread deep within the dermis to stimulate the drooping cell tissue so that collagen and elastine are able to fill up. This way you will also be able to receive a whitening effect along with elasticity to correct the root of aging.

Know How #3 The number of thread and strength is different

wonjin know-how on lifting


The skin tissue and its reason for drooping are different for every area in our face. That is why the procedure should be customized for each area such as the buccal fat which can droop severely, skin around the eyes which are very weak, cheekbones that are responsible for a three dimensional effect, fat layer that can easily become loose under the chin, and other parts of the face.

Wonjin considers the different layers of the skin and choose the most suitable thread and number to improve the dimensions and overall balance of the face by controlling the strength of pulling the soft tissue.




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