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Premium Implant Breast Surgery Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

Known as the premium breast implants, Motiva and Microthane is the newest premium breast implant with bunch of advantages compared to the previous implants used for Korea breast surgery, which can be found at Korea breast surgery specialized clinic, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group.



Motiva Premium Breast Implant for Korea breast surgery, is the newest breast implant using cutting edge silicon gel in an ergonomic way which can reduce the incision part and has a high flexibility, if it’s used for breast plastic surgery in Korea. being approved at 60 countries all over the world, Motiva Premium Breast Implant can be found only at 1% of high ranked hospital, including Wonjin Beauty Medical Group.


Premium Implant For Korea Breast Surgery - Wonjin Beauty Medical Group


Unlike the other implants, there are some important things to be paid attention to get the best effects of Motiva Premium Breast Implant . First, of course a know-how about breast surgery would be highly need, the skin of Motiva Premium Breast Implant is very thin and the elasticity of the implant itself is high. so a high understanding and delicacy about breast surgery is very important.


Motiva Premium Breast Implant is divided into 4 types; Mini, Demi, Full, and Corse, and in additional to the implant shape, size, base and projection also has to be considered in order to achieve the desired result. The base of the implant itself will define the resulting cleavage, while the fullness is determined by the implant projection, and the cup is determined by the implant volume.


Premium Implant For Korea Breast Surgery - Wonjin Beauty Medical Group


Various types of Motiva Premium Breast Implant are available to be chosen based on the needs of the patient, and it needs much experience and understanding about breast implant to recommend the best choice based on the examination and the information of the patient.


Motiva Premium Breast Implant is very sensitive so it will need full concentration of the plastic surgeon. As the implant will be inserted after the micro-incision, surgery equipment related to breast implants like 3D Endoscope (possible to observer the deeper parts that are hard to see) or Keller Funnel 2 (implant inserting device for minimal incision and tissue damage with less rotation rate of implant) are basic things and the plastic surgeon has to be skilled to use the equipment.


But why it has to be Motiva Premium Breast Implant? 
Motiva Premium Breast Implant gel is using True Tissue Technology which is the combination of a specific elastic elastomer shell and the special rheological properties of Progressive Gel Ultima, that combine with the gravity to shift the maximum point of projection to the lower pole when the patient is in standing position. And when the patient is laying flat on her back, the implant will react in a similar way to a natural breast and the maximum point of projection will move closer to the middle point of breast.


Motiva Premium Breast Implant  at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is adjusting with the gravity to the patient’s position providing the most natural look and feel as a result.


Premium Implant For Korea Breast Surgery - Wonjin Beauty Medical Group


BluSeal on Motiva Premium Breast Implant is preventing the diffusion of implants’ gel to the body, and by keeping gel bleed to the minimum, the risk of capsular contracture also can be reduced significantly.  With the BluSeal indicator, plastic surgeon can also verify the presence of the important safety component surrounding the entire implant.


So compared to the other types of breast implants that has been existed until now, we can conclude that Motiva Premium Breast Implant at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has the most natural movement and line which gives the feeling of elasticity of the breast the most. And if the previous implants has limited target, this new implants can be inserted in any kind of breast condition as it has about 500 types that can be recommended based on every patient’s needs. With only 2 hours surgery you can get the most natural breast even you don’t have to be hospitalized.


Premium Implant For Korea Breast Surgery - Wonjin Beauty Medical Group


As we know, the most common complication of breast implant is capsular contracture – a response of the immune system to foreign materials in the human body – but now you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Microthane Premium Breast Implant has been developed to minimize the rate or capsular contracture to 0-3% compared to other implant that up to 50%.


Not only reducing the risk of capsular contracture, Microthane Premium Breast Implant at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group also has been proved to reduce implant dislocation and rotation as well. And since its base was made by 5 layers (3 smooth layers, 1 roughen layer, and 1 PU foam), it has strong surface that prevents the implants gel getting out to the body. It won’t even broke even you do extreme sports or move severely.


Some tests were done to Microthane Premium Breast Implant at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group to prove its strength.


Premium Implant For Korea Breast Surgery - Wonjin Beauty Medical Group


1. Fatigue Test
Fatigue Test was done by checking the dynamic forces working on the implants in the chest of jogging woman. We do up to 34 million cycles (the standard is 2 million cycles) and this corresponds to a weekly mileage of 180 km over a period of 10 years or a weekly mileage of 10 km over a period of 180 years.2. Static Rupture Test
Static Rupture Test was done by checking the burst strength by putting the implant on a plate and it has no problem even it’s been given up to 500 kg pressure.3. Impact Test
Impact Test is checking the impact of 4,4 kg object that vertically fell to the implant. The implant will be okay even if it’s been hit by impact just like a traffic accident in 45 km/hour in condition not wearing seat belt.


Microthane Premium Breast Implant at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group also are better protected against capsular contracture for up to 10 years after the implantation. Which also make the average period until the re-operation of the implant also longer compared to the Smooth or Textured implants.


The implant is safe and can adapt well with your body, so in short period, you can even go back to your daily activities. All the advantages of Microthane Premium Breast Implant combined drastically reduce the total complication rate for the breast implant surgery patient.

Premium Implant For Korea Breast Surgery - Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

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[WONJIN PLASTIC SURGERY] Get To KNOW More About Capsular Contracture



Do you feel your new breast too tight and hard?

This might be one of the sign after getting breast plastic surgery from unexperienced plastic surgeon. Capsular contracture may be the reason why you feel your breasts extremely tight and hard. You may also notice the shape of the breasts have been deformed.



Capsular contracture is the term used to describe scar tissue that form around breast implants as an immune system response to foreign materials which may cause the breasts to harden, to look or to feel different, and may cause some discomfort from the tightening of the capsule.


So what cause capsular contracture?

The cause of it is unknown, but factors such as bacterial contamination, rupture of the breast implant shell, leakage of the silicone-gel filling and hematoma are common to its incidence. Moreover, poor insertion of implants can also cause it. It may appear within 6 to 8 months of surgery.

The degree of capsular contracture is graded using the four-grade Baker scale:

  • Grade I – the breast is normally soft and appears natural in size and shape
  • Grade II – the breast is a little firm, but appears normal
  • Grade III – the breast is firm and appears abnormal
  • Grade IV – the breast is hard, painful to the touch, and appears abnormal


HOW to handle capsular contracture – WONJIN PLASTIC SURGERY

Implants may require relocation, or a different type of implant must be inserted.

1) At first, Wonjin Plastic Surgery will eliminate the solidified capsule by avoiding tissue damage (Capsulectomy) then RELOCATE the implant or REPLACE it with a more suitable type of implant like MOTIVA.


2) Using textured or polyurethane-coated implants like MOTIVA ERGONOMIX












3) Using submuscular breast implant placement





HOW to treat capsular contracture with medication

Several drugs have been used in an attempt to treat capsular contracture. So far, no drug treatment can guarantee a cure for contracture.

1) Accolate (Zafirlukast) 

Actually Accolate is an oral medication used to prevent asthma attacks. Because of how this drug works as an anti-inflammatory, it was thought that it may be beneficial to women with capsular contracture. In one study in 2002, women were given 20mg of Accolate by mouth twice a day for three months. Many of them showed a dramatic improvement regarding softening of the capsule after the treatment period.


HOW to treat capsular contracture with other types of treatment

1) Massage

Many surgeons recommend massage for their patients whether or not they have capsular contracture. While there is no proof that massaging can prevent or reverse capsular contracture, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try it, unless you have textured implants.

2) Vitamin E

For many years, it has been popular among with capsular contracture. It’s cheap, easy to accessm and has no inherent risks. It is thought to help soften the scar capsule, although no studies have no proven that it is an effective treatment for capsular contracture.

3) Papaverine

It is a vasodilator and muscle relaxant. It works by opening up veins and arteries and relaxing smooth muscles. Unfortunately, there is no solid proof that it can really reverse the effects of capsular contracture.

4) Ultrasound 

It doesn’t only soften the scar tissue, but it also renders the bacteria on the shell more vulnerable to the body’s immune system. Unfortunately, ultrasound, like non-surgical treatmens, can’t guarantee improvement or complete reversal of capsular contracture.

Source: Treating capsular contracture


So if there is no other option except surgery and you want to do it ASAP. When will it possible?




dr. Park Wonjin from Wonjin Plastic Surgery recommends breast plastic surgery revision to be done 6 months post surgery. It is best not to rush revision surgeries as inflammation may reside for up to 6 months and tissues must be able to prolificate.

However revision surgeries may become compulsory when there is extreme pain and implant deformation.



Prevent capsular contracture before it happens!

Choose Wonjin Plastic Surgery for Korea Breast Plastic Surgery!

With 20 years of experiences, Wonjin Plastic Surgery promises satisfactory results. 













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Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Best Plastic Surgery In Korea



Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, The Best plastic surgery in Korea. 

Wonjin’s commitment for International Clients Service:

1) Fully accredited surgeons

2) 20 years of numerous surgical experiences – the key to satisfactory results

3) High quality medical system

4) Minimal recovery time with a thourough after-care service.


Wonjin Beauty Medical Group – Clinic Overview

Mega plastic surgery clinic with a scale of 3300 m2.

Located near gangnam subway station exit 10. Using from 112th floor to 18th floor of Pagoda building. Total scale is approximately 5000 m2 operating two jaw, face contouring specialized center and breast surgery center.



18F – Two jaw, face contouring, breast surgery center

17F – Eye/ nose center

16F – Two jaw, face contouring ICU

15F – Recovery center

13F – Operation room

12F – After care center

B2F – Wonjin dental clinic







G-Well Bulding – for after care

13F – CS2

12F – Wonjin Dermatology

11F – Patient’s room

10F – U-Cell

9F – ICU

8F – Anti aging center

6F – Stem cell research center

4F – Wonjin dermatology







Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was just awarded with No.1 Brand Of Excellence in Customer Satisfaction hosted by Joongang Daily. 

The primary focus of the awards ceremony included nominees for ‘ Customer Service and Quality Assurance’ based on customer satisfaction, and Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was nominated for the best clinical practice for face contouring surgeries.






Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is selected as the BEST clinic in 2016 by the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons. 





Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is certified as No 1 clinic in terms of the amount of breast implant used in surgery. 





Wonjin beauty medical group safe anesthesia system

1) Independent anesthesia system

2) Equipped with high tech system

3) Safe operation system



During the surgery


Preparation time for anesthesia

Patients are nervous with fear right before the anesthesia. Therefore, anesthesia will be done after a thorough explanation from the anesthesiologist and the nurse.






Wonjin beauty medical group 1:1 Exclusive anesthesia

The anesthesiologist whom patient met before the surgery will be attending throughout the whole process to check the patient’s condition for maximum safety.






After the surgery


Recovery room

After the surgery, the anesthesiologist and the nurse will be monitoring the patient’s condition until the patient is stabilized.






Exclusive patient room and anesthesiologist rounding

Recovery center for wonjin beauty medical group’s two jaw and face contouring surgery is at ICU, which is an exclusive recovery center with larger and more comfortable operation rooms for the surgeries. Also our anesthesiologist do rounding check to be in charge of patient’s condition.






Wonjin beauty medical group is the only plastic surgery clinic with 6 anesthesiologist for safety of our patients.










Youtube channel: Korea Plastic Surgery
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Operasi Plastik Yang Aman Di Wonjin Plastic Surgery

wonjin plastic surgery


Sudah sering mendengar tentang Wonjin Plastic Surgery?

Sedang menimang-nimang ingin operasi plastik di Wonjin Plastic Surgery?

Sebelum terbang ke Korea, boled dong cari tahu terlebih dahulu tentang sistem operasi plastik yang aman di Wonjin yang meliputi manajemen aseptik, real time monitoring, dan sistem terapi gawat darurat.

#Sistem Manajemen Aseptik



aseptic air shower system

Aseptic Air Shower System

Untuk memastikan ruangan operasi yang steril dan aseptik, Wonjin Plastic Surgery melakukan aseptic air shower untuk mencegah kontaminasi infeksi dan bakteri







aseptic operation system Aseptic Operation System

Semua peralatan medis disterilisasikan dengan menjalankan sistem sterilisasi. Wonjin Plastic Surgery juga dilengkapi dengan ruangan operasi steril sesuai dengan standard.







Sistem sterilisasi:

Step 1. Sterilisasi dan membersihkan

Step 2. Sterilisasi Ultrasonik

Step 3. Sterilisasi Uap Tekanan Tinggi

Step 4. Sterilisasi Gas E.O (Etilen Oxide)

Step 5. Sterilisasi UV

Step 6. Individually wrapped sterilization sheet




specialized infection care managerManajer spesialis infeksi

Setiap area dikelola oleh manajer khusus, termasuk manajer perawatan kamar dan sterilisasi peralatan operasi







# Peralatan Operasi Yang Aman




anesthesia equipment Peralatan anestesi lokal/ umum

Wonjin Plastic Surgery hanya menggunakan peralatan anestesi yang aman yang sudah mendapat persetujuan dari FDA yang memberikan bius lokal ataupun umum berkualitas tinggi.







laser bone fractureLaser untuk meretakkan tulang

Wonjin Plastic Surgery dilengkapi dengan laser yang pertama kali disetujui oleh FDA. Konduktivitas termal yang sangat rendah dari jaringan sekitarnya mencegah nekrosis tulang dan jaringan.







3rd generation full 3D endoscope Endoskopi 3D generasi ketiga

Dengan endoskopi generasi ketiga ini, para dokter di Wonjin Plastic Surgery dapat melihat dan mengamati sampai ke bagian yang lebih dalam yang sulit dilihat dengan mata kasat sehingga operasi bisa berjalan lebih akurat dan tepat dan efek samping seperti pendarahan, kerusakan saraf dapat diminimalkan






alat fat grafting lipokit Peralatan cangkok lemak lipokit

Peralatan yang memungkinkan liposuction dan sentrifugasi sekaligus untuk memisahkan kotoran dari lemak yang diambil dari tubuh sehingga hanya lemak murni saja yang akan dicangkokkan.







harvest jetHarvest-Jet

Dengan menggunakan metode water-jet, alat ini mengurangi kerusakan sel-sel lemak dan mengekstrak lemak segar.








# Real-time Monitoring System




real time central control care monitorReal-time Central Control Care Monitor

Menggunakan sistem kontrol dua arah untuk memonitor dan mengelola secara real-time status fisiologis pasien.








real time patient sensitivity monitor Real-time Patient Sensitivity Monitor

Ahli anestesi akan memonitor keadaan fisiologis pasien secara real-time: EKG, pernafasan, tekanan darah, level oksigen darah, suhu tubuh pasien selama operasi dan selama periode penyembuhan.








exhalation of carbon dioxide measuring systemSistem Pengukuran Pernafasan

Peralatan pernafasan untuk mengukur kondisi anestesi dengan cara mengukur dan mengelola keadaan pernafasan dan fisiologis pasien secara real-time.








sistem deteksi tekananSistem Deteksi Tekanan

Adanya tekanan pada paru-paru dapat disebabkan oleh berbagai penyebab dan akan berubah sehingga sistem deteksi tekanan akan segera mendeteksi tekanan ini dengan cepat.








penjaga suhu tubuh bair-hugger

Penjaga Suhu Tubuh Bair-Hugger

Alat yang dapat mengurangi gejala hipotermia yang dapat terjadi selama proses penyembuhan.








#Sistem Pertolongan Pertama




defibrilator jantung Defibrilator Jantung

Untuk sepenuhnya siap sedia untuk situasi darurat selama operasi, Wonjin Plastic Surgery dilengkapi dengan defibrilator jantung.








Emergency Cricothyrotomy and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation EquipmentEmergency Cricothyrotomy and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Equipment

Semua ruang operasi dilengkapi peralatan kejut jantung & krikotiroidotomi darurat untuk situasi darurat.









Wonjin Plastic Surgery memiliki Dantrolene, satu-satunya obat untuk hipertermia, yang amat jarang terjadi saat anestesi.









For more information visit:

Wonjin Breast Surgery

wonjin breast surgery


She made the best decision ever!

Thanks to Wonjin Breast Surgery, she is now satisfied with her bigger breast volume.

“Greed towards the beauty never ends”

Breast Surgery Check Points 

For the best decision before deciding to do breast surgery

  1. The experienced surgeons
  2. The scale of the hospital
  3. The willing to fully understand patient’s needs
  4. The safety of the surgery and the cleanness of the surgery room
  5. The nature of the breast (the move, the sensation of the breast)


Wonjin Breast Surgery:

wonjin breast surgery special centerExperienced in breast surgery for 20 years.

Wonjin is a hospital with breast surgery specialists on duty.






wonjin breast surgery systemFully equipped with big university hospital grade system – where surgery is planned scientifically through preoperative comprehensive screening of over 50 kinds of medical examinations.






wonjin breast surgery systemPredict the Wonjin breast surgery result through virtual simulation design.  Wonjin is a hospital where breast surgery is performed safely in a sterile operating room with the presence of anesthesia specialists. Wonjin is a hospital where patient can get after-care management to boost satisfaction.







wonjin breast surgery-75bto 75d



From 75B to 75D –> Nothing more you can expect for~ This perfect body is real and natural!

After she chose Wonjin, her future life becomes more EXCITING!


Korea No.1 Breast Plastic Surgery Brand – Wonjin Breast Surgery Specialist Center! 



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Klinik Operasi Plastik Korea, Wonjin Plastic Surgery

Tentunya kamu pernah dengar bahwa Korea, tepatnya Korea Selatan, selain dikenal dengan artis KPOPnya, juga dikenal sebagai pusatnya operasi plastik. Ya benar. Hal ini memicu bermunculannya klinik-klinik operasi plastik (bedah plastik) baik kecil maupun besar. Terlebih lagi di ibu kota Korea Selatan, Seoul ini.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery


Klinik operasi plastik Korea, Wonjin Plastic Surgery, dikenal dengan pengalaman di bidang operasi plastik lebih dari 19 tahun dan pelayanan medisnya yang total dimulai dari konsultasi, pemeriksaan sebelum dan sesudah operasi, sampai dengan program perawatan setelah operasi. Wonjin juga menyediakan layanan 24 jam layanan telepon dan ahli anestesi yang siap membantu para pasien yang membutuhkan. Ahli anestesi tersedia bagi mereka yang ingin berkonsultasi dalam hal anestesi sebelum operasi, sedangkan layanan telepon 24 jam tersedia bagi para pasien yang telah menjalani operasi, yang akan membantu apabila mereka memiliki pertanyaan atau merasa tidak nyaman.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery, yang juga merupakan salah satu klinik operasi plastik Korea terbesar, juga dilengkapi dengan teknologi terkini dan fasilitas yang lengkap berkaitan dengan pemeriksaan baik sebelum dan setelah operasi juga perawatan setelah operasi, mulai dari alat x-ray, ct-scan, terapi gelombang ultrasonik, infrared, dan lain sebagainya tersedia di Wonjin. Selain itu, bagi para pasien yang menjalani operasi, disediakan ‘manager’ pribadi yang akan menemani dan membantu segala sesuatu yang dibutuhkan oleh pasien.

Seperti yang kamu lihat di acara-acara TV ataupun drama, Klinik operasi plastik Korea banyak terletak di pusat kota Seoul, terutama di daerah Gangnam, dilengkapi dengan akses transportasi yang mudah dan dekat. Bagi para pasien dari luar negeri, Wonjin Plastic Surgery juga menyediakan transportasi dari/ke airport, klinik, dan hotel tempat para pasien menginap.

Ngomong-ngomong, tahukah kamu tentang #EventWonjin? “Pergi ke Korea Bersama Teman” merupakan event spesial persembahan dari Wonjin Plastic Surgery! Maksudnya? Dengan mendaftar dan mengikuti konsultasinya (cukup lewat telepon, tidak perlu datang ke Korea!!) kamu berhak mendapatkan kesempatan untuk memenangkan tiket PP ke Korea! Tidak cuma itu, kamu juga boleh mengajak satu orang temanmu untuk pergi bersama ke Korea! Yang berarti kamu bisa jalan-jalan sekaligus mempercantik diri di klinik operasi plastik Korea! Menarik bukan?

Ayo ikut eventnya!

event wonjin

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea Service

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea Service


Wonjin Plastic Surgery is one of the biggest surgery clinic in South Korea, situated in Kangnam district. Plastic surgery refers to the reshaping of normal structures of the face or body in order to improve a patient’s appearance and self-esteem. The psychological impact of improving one’s appearance by making structural changes or the use of cosmetic procedures to reduce the signs of aging can have profound effects on the way people think about themselves. As a result of such procedures, people often function better because they feel better. Wonjin Plastic Surgery is one of the biggest surgery clinic in South Korea, situated in Kangnam district.




Wonjin Plastic Surgery is holding the lead in the market of medical services Korea. It meets all modern international medical standards and is equipped with modern medical equipment. Under the leadership of the CEO, the chief physician Park Won Jin, team of highly qualified plastic surgeons and about 300 medical staff provides you services at the highest professional level. In Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic successfully performed more than 1,0000 operations for eyelid surgery, rinoplasty, facial surgery, breast surgery and other. Working together experts in various fields, allows to achieve the best results and meet the expectations of customers.



Here is Wonjin’s “real story”


In Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic there is a separate program of work with foreign clients. Interpreters speaking English, Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian and Russian languages will be happy to help the client. It’s very important because any misunderstanding between the therapist and client can lead to very poor results. Due to the individual patient management system and one-to-one service program Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic caters for to foreign clients effectively. A special program in clinic for post-operative care significantly reduces recovery time.



Searching to service- [To attract foreign patientswith “ONE STOP FACILITIES & SERVICE”] 


Plastic Surgery Clinic pursues offering the highest satisfaction to each and every client, but also becoming of the best clinics in Korea with the latest medical knowledge and advanced technology. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic pursues the luxurious beauty with good result