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[Real Story] Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review

Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review


Hello! You can call me Mr. Choi!
This is my first time writing a diary~ so I don’t really know how to write it.
My best friend became a model for Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea first, model of plastic surgery for men, and it makes me wanted to be one as well.

Seeing the transformation of my friend makes me wanted to my Korean face contouring surgery faster!
He said he doesn’t know how he changes but in my point of view who sees him changing from before to after the plastic surgery for men, (sorry but) it changes a alot! Haha

The swelling is reducing faster than what we thought it would be, as well as the recovery, it recovers well.
I want to do Korean face contouring surgery asap!

It’s only few days left till then..
Hope time flies quick~~~~~


Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review


If you look at the bruise, it looks that it hurts a lot right?
But it actually doesn’t.

It just there for a long time but doesn’t hurt, and it was like that as well before.
A week after the rhinoplasty, the bandage was removed and now I can walk around freely, it doesn’t affect my daily life as well, I feel good!
I also walk around often so that the swelling will reduce faster!
Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review


I feel like my days are going slowly but when it’s time to write diary, I’m surprised!

It’s been 2 weeks already!
I can now eat anything bit by bit, and I don’t feel uncomfortable~
Bruise are still left but that’s it! Haha

Ah there are some swelling under cheek but I believe it will disappear soon hahaha
I don’t think about it too much I guess because it doesn’t bothering me~
Seems like I can start to work again! Haha



Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review


It’s finally a month after Korean face contouring surgery!

My face is getting more and more natural that I couldn’t even remember my face before!
It’d be good if the fat cheek is reducing though haha
But since everyone is saying that it’s cute.. should I just leave it there? Hahaha
Now I can open my mouth larger and I can eat anything.
I still can’t laugh out loud like before though, well, it’s been only a month right?
I practice on my expression a lot, also take a walk around, and take care of it well~
Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review


It’s been a long time and just realized that 3 months has passed already~

The swelling from Korean face contouring surgery are all gone and it’s all comfortable now!
What I like the most is that people don’t know that I had Korean face contouring surgery!

I worried that my nose will hurts if I touched it or it will be too obvious or something but, it doesn’t haha.
Seems like I don’t really have any problem with it!

Now I’m thinking of changing my hairstyle hahaha.


Korean Face Contouring Surgery For Men Review

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Best Plastic Surgery In Korea



Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, The Best plastic surgery in Korea. 

Wonjin’s commitment for International Clients Service:

1) Fully accredited surgeons

2) 20 years of numerous surgical experiences – the key to satisfactory results

3) High quality medical system

4) Minimal recovery time with a thourough after-care service.


Wonjin Beauty Medical Group – Clinic Overview

Mega plastic surgery clinic with a scale of 3300 m2.

Located near gangnam subway station exit 10. Using from 112th floor to 18th floor of Pagoda building. Total scale is approximately 5000 m2 operating two jaw, face contouring specialized center and breast surgery center.



18F – Two jaw, face contouring, breast surgery center

17F – Eye/ nose center

16F – Two jaw, face contouring ICU

15F – Recovery center

13F – Operation room

12F – After care center

B2F – Wonjin dental clinic







G-Well Bulding – for after care

13F – CS2

12F – Wonjin Dermatology

11F – Patient’s room

10F – U-Cell

9F – ICU

8F – Anti aging center

6F – Stem cell research center

4F – Wonjin dermatology







Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was just awarded with No.1 Brand Of Excellence in Customer Satisfaction hosted by Joongang Daily. 

The primary focus of the awards ceremony included nominees for ‘ Customer Service and Quality Assurance’ based on customer satisfaction, and Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was nominated for the best clinical practice for face contouring surgeries.






Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is selected as the BEST clinic in 2016 by the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons. 





Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is certified as No 1 clinic in terms of the amount of breast implant used in surgery. 





Wonjin beauty medical group safe anesthesia system

1) Independent anesthesia system

2) Equipped with high tech system

3) Safe operation system



During the surgery


Preparation time for anesthesia

Patients are nervous with fear right before the anesthesia. Therefore, anesthesia will be done after a thorough explanation from the anesthesiologist and the nurse.






Wonjin beauty medical group 1:1 Exclusive anesthesia

The anesthesiologist whom patient met before the surgery will be attending throughout the whole process to check the patient’s condition for maximum safety.






After the surgery


Recovery room

After the surgery, the anesthesiologist and the nurse will be monitoring the patient’s condition until the patient is stabilized.






Exclusive patient room and anesthesiologist rounding

Recovery center for wonjin beauty medical group’s two jaw and face contouring surgery is at ICU, which is an exclusive recovery center with larger and more comfortable operation rooms for the surgeries. Also our anesthesiologist do rounding check to be in charge of patient’s condition.






Wonjin beauty medical group is the only plastic surgery clinic with 6 anesthesiologist for safety of our patients.










Youtube channel: Korea Plastic Surgery
BBM: 56003578