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The Best Korea Two Jaw Surgery

the best korea two jaw surgery


The Best Korea Two Jaw Surgery Point of Know-How

1) Self Fixation Korea Two Jaw Surgery

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has this individually customized Korea two jaw surgery by combining and using only the advantages from both fixation and non-fixation methods of Korea two jaw surgery. This method is more known as Self Fixation Korea two jaw surgery, safer and more natural

Maybe you’ve heard before that the hardest part of having two jaw surgery is difficulty of breathing. This is usually caused by the swelling of airway right after the surgery. But fortunately this problem is not a problem anymore! Depend on the fixation method, you can breathe with no difficulty at all.

Originally, there was only complete fixation method where upper and lower jaws were completely fixed after the surgery. The bone will be safely put together but this method was very inconvenient for patients since it is difficult to open mouth and even to breathe.

But if upper and lower jaws are not tied together, the recovery will be a lot more comfortable but there is a high chance that the bones will not be put together tightly and properly. Wonjin Beauty Medical Group now came up with solution, Self Fixation method, the best Korea two jaw surgery method where only molar areas are partially fixed. The patient can tie and untie the band for better breathing, talking, and eating. In addition, patient’s mouth can be maintained cleaner and the most important thing is that this method shortened the recovery period.



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self fixation best korea two jaw surgery


self fixation best korea two jaw surgery 2

self fixation korea two jaw surgery


2) Wonjin Beauty Medical Group’s 6 Departement Cooperative System

Wonjin is the biggest plastic surgery in Korea with 5,200 m2 scale making it possible for medical specialists to collaborate helping patient in just one place. We work as a team at Wonjin. We do not recruit locum doctors or medical staff, thus we have an exclusive team that accords to a strict system for maximum patient safety and the most optimum surgical outcomes.


wonjin beauty medical group 6 departement cooperative system


There are 4o head doctors from 6 different departments stay at Wonjin. All procedures are done in one hospital so there is no need to travel for both doctors and patients. All procedures are done quicker and cooperated closely, surgery time has started approximately by 2 weeks. This is important especially for foreign patients who are usually couldn’t stay more than 2 weeks because of work schedule, etc.


3) Help you fix your life habit 

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group will also help you to fix your poor habits that can cause your facial deformities. Keep in mind that poor habits might lead you to another surgery in no time. It is vital to look at ways to prevent this. And Wonjin is here to assist you to get rid of those bad habits.

fixing bad habits


Treating life habits post surgery means revising the types of consumed food, the way of talking, bad postures, etc.


4) ICU (Intensive Care Unit) exclusive for Korea Two Jaw Surgery patients


ICU for korea two jaw surgery


It is very important to receive intensive care for at least 24 hours after surgery to prevent any emergencies since the surgery area is very close to the airway and nerves. Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is always ready for all the unpredictable medical accidents. Our experts’ quick reactions to crisis, up to date technology and self generating electrical equipment are what matters the most.

We also have anesthesia, ENT, oral medicine and immediate medical specialist on stand by by to secure respiratory tract and patient safety.


5) No worry about side effects

korea two jaw surgery no worry side effects


Are you worry about verve damage? deformities?

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is equipped with the most technologically advanced diagnostic devices like 3D CT, ST (Simulation Two Jaw), Invivodental, SOPP (Simulation Operation Prediction Program), etc to help predict and determine the outcome before the surgery thus any potential nerve damages and side effects can be avoided.


Predicted result = accords with the final result 

korea two jaw surgery predicted result


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6) Short corrective treatment 

Our exclusive Korea two jaw surgery method have allowed us to reduce the duration of orthodontic treatment for our patients. Patients are now only required to wear braces for 6 to 10 months after surgery, as suppose to 2 years of existing orthodontic correction prior to surgery.


Find out more about our ‘Surgery First, Correction Second’ Method

Korea two jaw surgery has to be done with corrective orthodontics. Teeth occlusion may break from upper and lower jaw relocation.


existing korea two jaw surgery process


Existing surgery method needs 2 years in total. 

But Wonjin’s new method of quick and easy Korea two jaw surgery followed with corrective orthodontics saves time by one year.

wonjin korea two jaw surgery process


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