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THE BEST Ptosis Correction Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

ptosis correction wonjin beauty medical group


Ptosis is a drooping or falling of the upper eyelid. This condition is sometimes called “lazy eye”. Although it could be an illness, there are also celebrities you didn’t realize actually have lazy eyes.

Although ptosis could create charming look in most cases, drooping eyes hamper proper eye contact and create a lazy look, which may leave negative impression during your job interview.

Fortunately, you can correct this through ptosis correction surgery. One of Korea eye plastic surgery that is popular throughout Asia. Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Specialized Hospital, is very experienced in handling this surgery.


Ptosis Correction could be divided into 2 types of method

1) Ptosis Correction with full incision

ptosis correction full incision

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Anesthesia: local (deep sleep)
  • Hospitalization: n/a
  • Stitch removal: 5~7 times
  • Clinic visit: 2 times
  • Recovery period: return to everyday activity after stitch removal



Ptosis Correction with full incision is a type of blepharoplasty that creates incision lines across the surface of the eyelids to correct the shape and size of the eyelids. This procedure is usually performed to correct thick eyelids with excessive adipose tissues, or to correct sagging droopy eyelids.


ptosis correction full incision features


ptosis correction full incision method




2) Ptosis Correction with non incision

ptosis correction non incision


  • Duration: 1 hour ~ 1.5 hour
  • Anesthesia: local (deep sleep)
  • Hospitalization: n/a
  • Stitch removal: 5~7 times
  • Clinic visit: 2 times
  • Recovery period: return to everyday activity after stitch removal





The muscles involved in opening or lifting the eyelids can become weak causing the eyelids to partially cover eyes. Ptosis Correction can correct this by incising or suturing the levator muscle used to open the eyes.


ptosis correction non incision features



Ptosis Correction method will be determined upon consultation based on patient’s requirements.


difference between ptosis correction non incision vs full incision


Ptosis Correction Surgery COST

USD $3,000 – $5,000. Quite expensive! Yeah because ptosis correction surgery is perhaps the most difficult Korea eye plastic surgery of all. From mild case to severe ptosis, in order to make it aesthetically beautiful, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group may add other lifting surgeries like forehead lift to make patient’s eyes or face look more appealing. And beware, this may increase your surgery budget but for the BEST Result!


Ptosis Correction Surgery RECOVERY

One of the major differences between ptosis correction surgery recovery and other eyelid surgery recovery is that your eyes will be very swollen after surgery. It will also take a longer time for eyes to start to look natural. 2~4 weeks after surgery, most of the swelling will go away but chances are that your eyelids will look too thick and not really natural. The swelling will start to go down little by little, though it may vary between each person. Generally, after 3~6 months after surgery, your eyes will look reasonably natural. And it will take 6 months to 12 months for your eyes to look completely natural.


So are you the right candidate for ptosis correction?

Try to have your eyes wide open and look up with your head position unchanged and without using your eyebrows. If you are using your eyebrows to lift up your eyes and this creates too many wrinkles in your forehead, you are a candidate for ptosis correction surgery. The wrinkle formed because you don’t have enough muscle power in your upper eyelid to lift up.





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