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The Most Suitable Korea Eye Plastic Surgery Only For You

There’s no unimportant part among our ears, eyes, mouth, and nose. But there’s no one who doesn’t know about Korea eye plastic surgery. And among those, there’s double eyelid surgery.

But Korea eye plastic surgery is all about double eyelid surgery? Of course not.

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The Most Suitable Korea Eye Plastic Surgery Only For You

So, what kind of Korea eye plastic surgery available at Wonjin Plastic Surgery?

As said before, the first one that will comes in people min is double eyelid surgery. But, this procedure of Korea eye plastic surgery also has several types of it. Basically, there are non-incision method, also incision type.

So, which one is the best among two? First of all, the incision method is suitable for all cases including case of thick eyelid with many fat muscle. While non-incision method, is suitable for case with thin eyelid.

At Wonjin Plastic Surgery, there’s a method called by complex double suture method which makes line with strength of thread only. This allows a natural adhesion between skin and muscle by strong w-line sutures.

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Sometimes, the problem is not about the line of eyelid but the eyes width (horizontally) and height (vertically) length instead. In this case, Korea eye plastic surgery is needed to correct it.

If the width of eyes is narrow, then canthoplasty or lateral canthoplasty can help to make it longer horizontally. And for the height (vertically) length, it can be improved through ptosis correction. The excessively raised eye tail can be corrected by combining the dorsal eye formation and the lowering of the eye tail.


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