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[TIPS] Korea Breast Plastic Surgery Scar

Only focus at Korea breast plastic surgery volume and ignore the scar? What should we do for the scar after Korea breast plastic surgery? Of course the result is important but you should not ignore the scar.

We can’t deny about our excited yet nervous are collaborated to do Korea breast plastic surgery. Excited about how breast’s volume would be but sometimes also concerning if the scar is too visible. And would the scar appear for a long time? How is the proper care method?

How long the scar would left is depending on how the care method has done. Also, the extra point is on patient’s body condition too. There are people who will left the scar for a long time, and people who have fast recovery well that scar left only in a short time.

People who do the care method well will be better than people who do not pay attention of the care method. For example, it can be done through ointment, medicine, and laser treatment. By this method, it will prevent too visible scar.

Then, when is the best time to start care method? This is already been 3 days since Korea breast plastic surgery. Is it OK to start the care method from now?

There will be bad effect if you do care treatment too early. The worst situation is do the care treatment at the wrong time. For example, when the wound isn’t fully healed, and you put the scar ointment laser treatment on it.

It will be better if you begin it from 2 weeks until 1 month. You should start the care method when the wound is fully healed. This is the best time to do along with supportive care method.

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