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What Its Like to Get Korean Best Rhinoplasty?

Having nose job in Korea is easier than you think. Also, it’s less painful than you think. Instead you must do it only in trust-able Korean best rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin is the one that you can choose for you to make pretty and health nose.

Who is recommended to do Korean best rhinoplasty?

Not only an aesthetic aspect such as low or deviated nose, but also a functional problem such as sleep disorder due to rhinitis or nasal congestion should be considered for Korean best rhinoplasty.

Types of rhinoplasty?

Korean best rhinoplasty can be performed to improve either aesthetic or functional aspect. Rhinoplasty for aesthetic improvement includes correction of low nose, deviated nose, dorsal hump, and bulbous nose.

Rhinoplasty for functional improvement is focusing on breathing problems. These both procedures are done together depending on each case.

Korean best rhinoplasty method?

Korea rhinoplasty is divided in 2 methods: Open Incision and Closed Incision. Closed Incision has the advantage which has no visible scar. It’s the oldest method that has been used in Korea and uses nose bridge as a center. However, a well-experienced rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin is required to accurately assess the inner layout of the nose. This method is often used

Opened Incision is the procedure that deals with short, arrowhead, blunt tip noses, and nose revision surgery. The advantage of Opened Incision is that it allows access to the inner layout of the nose leading to safer surgery. The redness around the scar is barely noticeable and it can be covered by make up. The redness will fade in approximately 3 months.

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