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What Makes Best Korea Rhinoplasty Different

Best Korea rhinoplasty is originally divided into nose tip surgeries and nose bridge surgeries. Nose bridge surgeries is done using either implants or autologous tissue and it’s recommended for those who have lower nose bridge.

But in case of hump nose or those who have bumpiness on the nose bridge, bone or cartilage trimming may be helpful to achieve a smooth nose line. Nose tip surgery is done for low, short, or droopy nose tips using cartilage.

Cartilage is either transplanted or used to support as a pillar for low nose tip, tip lengthening is done for short nose. Nose tip is corrected by best Korea rhinoplasty using the nose tip cartilage for tightening purpose or make it to support as a pillar.

Usually, the muscle used to pull down the nose tip is excessively developed for droopy nose cases, which can be improved by best Korea rhinoplasty excising the muscle partially.

If implant is unwanted or if nose bridge doesn’t need to be augmented a lot, autologous tissue is used instead. Cartilage have high survival rate unlike other tissues which lets maintain the height well, but it is tough to form a smooth nose bridge and also their amount is limited.

On other hand, dermis or fascia is easy to form a smooth nose bridge but its survival rate is low which can lower the nose bridge as time passes.

Injecting autologous fats through syringe is relatively a simple procedure in the best Korea Rhinoplasty but the survival rate is low. Even if they are engrafted well, the nose bridge may be blunt in general. Instead of forming a sharp and prominent nose bridge.

Also, autologous tissue cannot be used in every cases and required full consultation with a specialist as the surgery method may vary depending on the nose shape and condition.

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