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When You Need Korea Two Jaw Surgery?

Mostly Korea plastic surgery has done because you’re unsatisfied with your appearance. Different from all those aesthetic reasons, you also need Korea two jaw surgery for functional problems. Best thing from doing that surgery is you can obtain both sides, functional and aesthetic problem with one surgery.

Malocclusion is the irregular overlap of the upper and lower jaw when the mouth is closed. This condition generally worsens over time, effecting the appearance and worsen the aesthetics. Furthermore, malocclusion causes poor biting habits that cause jaw joint disabilities and other defects.

Why you need Korea Two Jaw Surgery?

It may be the purpose of occlusion improvement, but it is also important to return the occluding ability with correct pronunciation. Also in case of bone related malocclusion, Korea Two Jaw Surgery for changing the position of the jaw will bring the best result in both functionally and aesthetically.

How Korea Two Jaw Surgery works?

Appropriate and precise diagnostic information will be obtained, and a detailed surgical plan will be discussed during a consultation with an maxillofacial surgeon. On the day of surgery, the operation will be performed in an aseptic operating environment with the highest safety rating guaranteed. A post surgical Two Jaw intensive care unit will be available for all aftercare

Who need Korea Two Jaw Surgery?

Korea Two Jaw Surgery is strongly recommended for those who may have:

  • Elongated/protruding front chin
  • Jutting chin
  • Flat face (face with lack of volume)
  • Protruding mouth (bimaxillary prognathism)
  • Short chin/ retreated chin/ receding chin
  • Wide jaw
  • Deep smile lines
  • Asymmetrical face
  • Dissatisfaction or complications with previous Maxillofacial Jaw Surgery result
  • Dissatisfaction or complications with current shape/contour of face

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