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Why Celebrities Rhinoplasty Always Revised?

There are so many rumors about Korean celebrities rhinoplasty that saying about revision is necessary. Even people might think that basically nose job must be done at least for 3 times. Of course this is a mistake and big understanding.

In order to expect for successful surgery, there are few things that important and need to be considered The most important thing is not to be excessive or obsessed. Unnecessary surgery is the main reason why rhinoplasty can lead into the failed surgery that need to be revised.

korean celebrities rhinoplasty

Another thing is using too high nose implant on the Korean celebrities rhinoplasty. In order to make high nose, patient often to choose higher implant to make high nose bridge. Higher nose implant not only make high nose bridge, but it also can rise the nose tip.

If the skin can’t endure this high nose implant, of course it can be exploded. This also can be the cause of nose turning red, hard, and infection. Of course silicone implant not only the one that affect red nose, but it is mainly due to improper habits, pores or blood vessel problems.

Nose tip could turn red during cold winter is also common condition and has no correlation with Korean celebrities rhinoplasty. Therefore, the surgery must be planned by a well-experienced surgeon, after an exact analysis of the patient’s bone structure and skin condition.

To do revision, at least 6 months should have passed from the previous surgery. Patient should wait until the skin tissues have properly recovered. As hasty decisions can lead to more problems, revision surgery must be performed by well-experience specialist.

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