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Why Korea Breast Surgery Has Never Failed?

Korea breast surgery has never been made anyone regret. Through its volume and natural touch, you can obtain your desired breast size. Korea breast plastic surgery itself has 2 method: implant insertion and fat grafting.

Women that have intention to do Korea breast surgery surely want more volume as much as she could get. But breast surgery Wonjin know well that the most important than the size is the golden ratio!

So, how is the most ideal breast looks like?

  • The upper breast should not be excessively bulging or sunken
  • Breast slope starting from the clavicle to the nipple should be smooth
  • The under breast should be in voluptuous teardrop shape
  • The upper part of the nipple should be flat and form an angle with 90 degrees
  • The under breast should be in round and voluptuous shape. forming an angle with 110~120 degrees

Recently, the most used implant of the year is BellaGel Micro. This implant is textured breast implant which only combined the advantages of existing round and teardrop implants.

Its ergonomic design and viscoelasticity does not only enable the implant to move according to the person’s position. It also dispenses a natural body silhouette and texture.

With tissue-friendly and porous composition, BellaGel Micro particularly has soft texture compared to other implants. Also, BellaGel Micro uses Cohesive Silicone Gel as its source material, and therefore has high cohesiveness.

The shell of BellaGel Micro is composed of 5 layers, and the internal shell has barrier layer formation which effectively prevents Gel leakage due to rupture, etc.

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