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Wonjin Body Contour One Shot Q&A

Wonjin Body One Shot - Body Contour


Concern 1. Won’t my skin become bumpy after removing fat?

Skin only becomes bumpy after removing fat when it is removed too much. If the fat which is located between the skin and muscle is reduced too much, then the muscle and skin will stick together and form bumps.

At Wonjin, we don’t focus on the fat amount instead we focus on the state of the remaining area . With a small pipe, numerous holes are made in the subcutaneous fat layer, and then softly dissolving the fat. The skin will become smooth.

layers of skin




Concern 2. Won’t my skin hang loose after liposuction?

To prevent sagging skin, it is recommended to receive surgery that is personalized for each patient and area. People have different body types, that’s why every person needs different equipment. At Wonjin, we possess many kinds of liposuction equipments so that the fat is not extracted with just one equipment.

accusculpt liposuction

     Accusculpt Liposuction



body jet(water jet) liposuction
     Body jet(water jet) liposuction









Body tite liposuction

         Body tite liposuction




Ultra jet (body tite) liposuction

Ultra jet (body tite) liposuction




Erchonia laser liposuction
          Erchonia laser liposuction





SL laser fat sculpting
     SL laser fat sculpting






























Concern 3. Won’t my fat just return after liposuction?

To prevent a “yo-yo” phenomenon, the number of actual fat cells must be reduced be reduced. Unlike exercising or dieting where the size of the fat cells are reduced, Wonjin’s liposuction reduces the actual number of fat cells so that the body does not become fat.

Reduced number of fat cells




However, it is dangerous to assume that you won’t gain weight after liposuction. To prevent the yoyo phenomenon, patients should improve their eating habits and continuously work out to maintain their new body.


Concern 4. Do side effects include severe swelling?

Just because the swelling lasts for a long time does not mean the surgery was a failure. You must be patient for the swelling to go down. After liposuction, there are bruising and swelling to some degree, but many people worry even before the recovery. The bruising and swelling will slowly go down after 1 week, and your size will become smaller after 2 weeks. It is recommended to go on light walks and move around often for better effect.


Concern 5. Is it better to melt or remove fat?

It may vary for each person’s skin and area, but it is recommended to melt the fat for the 1st treatment and then absorb the fat for the 2nd treatment to reduce the risk of nerve damage.

Wearing a compression band may be uncomfortable, but it reduces the swelling and holds your figure so it is recommended to wear it for 2-3 months.

Concern 6. How much fat can be removed?

It is a misunderstanding if you expect the more fat removed the better. The results are not visible immediately after liposuction. There will be bruising and swelling for 1 week, the swelling will start going down after 2 weeks, and the skin will begin to shrink and the size become smaller in a matter of 2-3 months. The shrinking process will vary person to person so try to be patient.


Concern 7. Is a compression band necessary?

Wearing a compression band may be uncomfortable, but it reduces the swelling and holds your figure so it is recommended to wear it for 2-3 months.


Concern 8. Will there be weight loss?

With liposuction, the number of fat cells will decrease and your body size will shrink, allowing some amount of weight loss.
But since the point of liposuction is not weight loss, the amount is not much. However, after liposuction, the body will not gain weight as much and you can maintain your figure more easily, so patients can have satisfactory results.


Concern 9. Is it hard to walk afterwards so when can I go back to my daily activities? 

There is swelling for 1 week after the surgery so it may be hard to move around but there won’t be much difficulty in daily activities.
After 5 days, patients will be able to return to their work place.
Simple local anesthesia or sleeping anesthesia are usually used so patients can easily walk out after the procedure.



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