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Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery System, UNDOUBTABLE



Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery understand your needs

Point 1. They feel like they’ve always been a part of your body!

No need to worry about hard and excessively firm implants!

Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery aims to make the most natural implant as possible.

Watch how natural Wonjin’s real breast here! See it yourself then you’ll believe it!

Point 2. Wonjin designs the most desirable breasts with perfect fit and angle 

The angles of the breasts are also adjustable the way you want it. Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery customizes each design accordingly to ensure the best outcomes!

Point 3. Cherish the glamour for the rest of your lives

Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery eliminates side effects like capsular contracture (Learn morea about capsular contracture here). Wonjin inserts implant into the right spot, securing neerves and blood vessels via the use of endoscope. With the assistance of sophisticated medical technology and exceptional skills of the surgeon, side effects can be eradicated.

dr. Park Wonjin, director of Wonjin Plastic Surgery performs Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery by himself.  Read more: Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Luxury & Premium Korea Breast Surgery.


Point 4. You will feel vibrant and alive with your new breasts 

Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery ensures that every patient feels comfortable with their new breasts whilst carrying out daily activities like running and even when lying down.



Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery Beautiful Breast Golden Ratio 



The most ideal breast is when the length of A, B, C is equilateral triangle (17+-  1cm ~ 22cm).

Nipple : Areola : Breast diameter ratio = 1 : 3 : 9


The basis of full breast

  • The upper part of breast is not too bulged or sunken
  • Has smooth breast line from collarbone to nipple
  • Has full and round teardrop shaped on the lower part of breast


The basis of pretty nipple

  • The upper part of nipple is flat at an angle of 90 degrees
  • The lower part of breast is full at an angle of 110~120 degrees



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The differentiation of Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery 


Wonjin Breast Center has 3rd generation full 3D endoscope 

  • With 3rd generation full HD video system endoscope, it is possible to analyze the muscle structure and incise accurately which reduces the nerve damage and preserving the sensation on nipple and breast
  • With endoscope it is possible to minimize bleeding through small incision for faster recovery
  • 3rd generation full HD endoscope can find even the smallest bleeding area which helps to reduce the possibility of side effect
  • Minimized pain through accurate and precise incision which makes the post-operative care easier





Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery safe and painless implant insertion method

  • It is aseptic disposable product without any possibility of contamination
  • Reduces tissue damage and bleeding through soft and easy insertion
  • Minimal pain and low possibility of side effects
  • The implant does not rotate during insertion
  • Any insertion area is suitable including armpit, areola, and under the breast which reduces the surgery time







Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery creates beautiful breasts with no side effects

  • It is excellent for tissue stabilization. Capsulitis enhances the micro blood flow to stabilize the soft tissue
  • Remove the possibility of inflammation at an early stage
  • The metabolism activates which leads to natural shape and soft feeling








Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery System



System 1.  Breast surgery specialized center

The 3D scanner technique makes Wonjin Korea Breast Plastic Surgery more accurate!

This only exists at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group! Exclusive medical team at Wonjin breast specialized center.







System 2. Medical Examination

Before surgery, more than 50 medical examinations will be performed to scientifically analyze the patient’s condition and body type. With the result, customized surgery plan will be established.

In body, chest X-ray, blood test, EKG, breast ultrasonic examination







System 3. In-depth consultation

Before having in-depth consultation with the specialist, primary consultation will be held with breast surgery specialized consultant in order to exactly understand the needs of the customer. Also, it is possible to check the most ideal size depending on the individual’s body type through Size Fit Service. 

In-depth consultation with specialist will be done based on consultation record with consultant. At this type, type of implant, size, and surgical method will be decided based on the medical examination result and individual’s condition.




System 4. Design before the surgery

The expectation of the result can be accurately predicted through medical examination, consultation record, and final design before the surgery







wonjin-korea-breast-surgery-system-5 System 5. Safe surgery 

The surgery is done safely at the aseptic operating room which blocks all external contamination factors with 1:1 personalized care of anesthesiologist.

3D endoscope, Keller Funnel 2, Dermabond.

Reduced pain and recovery time through minimized incision can be achieved with our cutting-edge safety equipment. depending on the patient’s condition, suture thread or Dermabond can be selected for minimizing the scarring.





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