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Wonjin Plastic Surgery: Breast Augmentation

Do you have extremelly small breasts and want to enlarge your current size of your breasts? Or maybe you have uneven sized breast or dropped breasts due to breast feeding? Maybe you want to consider breast augmentation in Wonjin Plastic Surgery (Pembedahan Plastic Wonjin).

Let’s take a look closer to Wonjin’s Breast Surgery’s Know How and the implant used.

Know How #1  Combination of soft gel + safe gel : Wonjin Dual Chamber Tear Drop Shape Implant

Combination of soft gel + safe gel in Wonjin



 Know How #2  Maintaining the shape + Maximum volume up effect

The advantage of Wonjin's dual chamber tear drop implant

The advantage of using Wonjin’s Dual Chamber Tear Drop Implant 

1. Excellent adhesion and cohesiveness

Dual chamber teardrop implant excellent adhesion and cohessiveness

2. Stay still over time

Dual chamber tear drop implant stay still over time

3. Doesn’t spread despite of the big volume

Dual chamber teardrop implant doesnt spread over despite of big volume

Wonjin Plastic Surgery (Pembedahan Plastic Wonjin) provides customized breast augmentation for each patient which means Wonjin’s surgeons will choose the right implant’s widht and size that fits the patient’s body contour best.

The incision could be done at the armpit, areola, or under the breast depending on the desired outcome. Recently the Wonjin’s breast augmentation surgery using endoscopy is getting more popular because endoscopy precisely check and scale the area of implant insertion, minimizing blood vessels and nerves damage. The incision site is also minimal means shorter recovery period. And the most important thing is patient would still be able to breast feed her children because no damage on mammary glandular tissue.

Here are the reasons for A cup women to choose Wonjin Plastic Surgery (Pembedahan Plastic Wonjin)

1. Exclusive 1:1 anesthesia system

2. Exclusive 1:1 after-care system to prevent capsular contracture and to manage pain after surgery

3. Exclusive breast examination system

4. Customized breast surgery using Sizer

5. Minimal incision site and high precision of endoscopy breast augmentation surgery

The surgery takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours with general anesthesia. No need hospitalization and 7 days after the surgery, the stitch can be removed. Patient needs to come back to clinic for 3-4 times after the surgery. And only after 3-4 days, patient can return to daily activities.

Witness It Yourself, Wonjin’s Before and After Breast Augmentation Surgery 

Before After Breast Augmentation Surgery in Wonjin


More before and after picture of breast augmentation surgery in Wonjin Plastic Surgery (pembedahan plastic surgery)

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    I am planning to undergo with breast augmentation, can you please give me the cost of teardrop and dual chamber teardrop, much it will cost and what is the deffirent of that two type,
    Thank you.

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