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Wonjin plastic surgery clinic korea(pembedahan plastik wonjin)

Many people looking for Wonjin plastic surgery clinic korea(pembedahan plastik wonjin). wonjin plastic surgery clinic korea(pembedahan plastik wonjin) rhinoplasty is a professional. Beacuse, a beautiful nose is not just high, but the line from the forehead, nose, lips to the chin should look natural when viewed from the side. Rhinoplasty of wonjin plastic surgery clinic korea(pembedahan plastik) is point “naturalness and safe”


Wonjin plastic surgery clinic korea’s commitment to you.

1. Fully accredited surgeons :  Using the finest technique

2. 20 years of numerous surgical experience : The key to satisfactory results

3. Wonjin plastic surgery accommodate you : Full-service and personalized care system

4. Plastic surgery department + ENT department

5. Minimal recovery time : With a thorough after-care service

6. With safety comes trust : An exclusive 1:1 anesthesia system




Natural wonjin plastic surgery clinic korea Rhinoplasty

– The ideal noes length : 1/3 of the face

– The ideal angle between the bridge and the tip : 45 degress


Wonjin plastic surgerty male Rhinoplasty

– A straight bridge line extended from the forehead

– Forehead to nose 130 degrees, nose to lips 90 degrees

-Raised bridge and slightly lowered tip

-Thick and wide bridge


You must finding many plastic surgry clinik for safe rhinoplasty. The surgical method to be selected according to various nose shapes. Otherwise may be reoperation or dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is important to choose a good Rhinoplasty specialty hospital. Wonjin plastic surgery clinic korea(pembedahan plastik wonjin) offering exclusive treatment system. Firsy considering safer anesthesia, second precise surgical analysis and examination system, and minimal recovery time with a thorough after-care sevice.

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