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WONJIN Rhinoplasty Nose Allergy

Nose allergies is an inflammatory reaction to house dust mites, mold, animal air, and pollens. To take medication for nose allergies, of course we have to know what allergies we have suffering of. WONJIN Rhinoplasty can give solution for this problem.

If nose allergies not be cured by WONJIN Rhinoplasty, it can lead into several nose disease problem such as chronic sinusitis and nasal valve stenosis. What is the difference between these two nose diseases?

Paranasal cavity refers to a hollow space within the facial bone along the nose area. However, clogging up of this paranasal cavity results to improper ventilation and excretion of these inflammatory secretions, a state of chronic sinusitis.

WONJIN Rhinoplasty suggest 3 steps for chronic sinusitis:

  1. Non Surgical Medication Treatment
    • Through the medication treatment of 4~6 weeks, observations are made on whether improvements are made
  2. 3D-T Scanning & Endoscopy
    • If medication treatments does not show any improvements, through examination is done for surgical treatments
  3. Surgical Treatment
    • Safe and simple endoscopic surgery for the paranasal cavity is performed through local anesthesia

Otherwise, nasal valve is located on the upper part of the septum, and it is a core area which controls the breathing. Therefore, even slight stenosis can lead to extreme nasal congestion. Valve reconstruction surgery enlarges the narrowed valve through an anatomical approach.

Not all rhinoplasty can cure your nose allergy problem, WONJIN Rhinoplasty has ENT specialists and plastic surgery specialist. They are collaborated in order to correct both internal structure (functional) and aesthetic aspect (cosmetic) of the nose at the same time. Through 20 years more of experience and know-how, WONJIN Rhinoplasty can bring you utmost looks satisfaction and relieve your nose health.

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