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Wonjin’s No-Cut Facial Contouring [Plastic Surgery Gangnam Korea]

When there is a pain, there is a beauty. This is such an old saying. Nowadays, there is beauty without pain. In the past, plastic surgery Gangnam Korea’s old method is all about cutting bone. But now you can make smaller face with Wonjin’s no cut facial contouring.

Want to make the shape of your face refined and slimmer? Wonjin Plastic Surgery Gangnam Korea has the solution for those who are afraid of having face contouring surgery. This slim effect can be obtained all in a single procedure such as fat removal and skin tightening.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Gangnam Korea uses a laser-sculpting method which can make slimmer and smoother face through enhancing skin elasticity and eliminating fat cell that causes large and bumpy facial line. But where is the main location for facial fats that MUST be removed? Here’s the picture that can make you understand easily with this procedure.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Gangnam Korea’s No Touch Face Contouring achieve slimmer and smoother facial line through only one time procedure. Still confused about this procedure? Here’s main points of No-Cut Facial Contouring!

Point 1. Fat Removal procedure using laser

With the exclusive powerful fat removal laser device, a definite volume reduction effect is achieved by directly getting rid of fat cells. The laser selectively break down fat cells to reduce facial size.

Point 2. Enhanced skin elasticity by skin regeneration

Enhanced skin tightening effect with collagen promotion through healing process of the scar tissue formed after laser insertion, fat removal, and skin tightening. Various face contouring effect such as fat removal, skin elasticity, lifting effect, slim and smooth facial line can be achieved with a single procedure only!

For more information about plastic surgery Gangnam Korea, you can reach us on facebookyoutubeinstagram! Well defined features, youthful appearance, sophisticated beauty all is possible at once!

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