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Youthful Looks by Korean Eye Plastic Surgery

If we talk about Korean eye plastic surgery’s trend nowadays, it would be about Love Bands or Aegyo Sal. Both are the same terms for plumps areas under eyes. But It’s completely different from under eye bags which can give you tired and older looks. Love Bands through Korean eye plastic surgery can boost your cute image and youthful looks in your face.

Since Love Bands is trending nowadays, you will easy to find make up tutorial about how to make Aegyo Sal on internet. But now, Korean Eye Plastic Surgery allows you to have Love Bands more permanently. The purpose Korean Eye Plastic Surgery itself not just about make plumps areas under your eyes but also can fix wrinkle around the eyes, of course with the main purpose which is to make you looks younger.

The principal of Love Band Surgery is simple but also need professional surgeon which has many experiences in Korean Eye Plastic Surgery. First, the doctor will clean the treatment area and anesthesia will be administered to numb the surgical area. Then, the width of the Love Bands will be thickened according to the patient desires and appropriate design. The treatment roughly takes 10-30 minutes and almost immediately the outcome of the procedure can be seen.

Korean eye plastic surgery has 2 methods of Love Band Surgery:

  • Filler Injection
    • Using a filler injection is easy, leaves no scars, and allows return to daily activity instantly. In case you are not satisfied with the results, you can use a counter-agent to reverse the effects. The created love band will last up to 1 year. Although love band filler is simply done within 10 minutes, a slight difference of volumes may change the impression. This is why the surgeon’s experience and skill are very important. A cute and natural impression can be created in Wonjin Beauty Medical Group as the skillful surgeon not only fills up the procedure part but also design in detail and raise the volume carefully as if he is correcting the eye shape.
  • Pure Fat Injection
    • Using Pure Fat Injection can be achieved by fat grafts using the the patients own purified cells. This procedure tends to last around 1 year. In Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, side effect mostly doesn’t occur as the fats are filled from the deep skin and re-position of tissues strongly grabs them. In addition, fats from the eye sides are used because the are the most similar to the under eye tissues to create more natural and elastic eyes.

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