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183 Types Of Best Rhinoplasty In Korea

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has became a choice of many people from all over the world since 1994 in terms of plastic surgery and beauty. Not only by people from overseas, people from all parts of South Korea also choose Wonjin Beauty Medical Group for plastic surgery.

183 Types Of Best Rhinoplasty In Korea

At the moment, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has opened two hospital branches in China and Thailand, and an aesthetic clinic in Malaysia. It helps local people who want to know more about plastic surgery and help them to be connected to the main branch in South Korea.

As one of the biggest plastic surgery clinic, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is not only focusing on plastic surgery but also has dental clinic, dermatology, medinent, which suits the concept beauty-medical all in one place.

Among those plastic surgery, people choose eye plastic surgery and best rhinoplasty in Korea as the most done surgery. But do you know that eye plastic surgery and rhinoplasty are not as simple as it look?

Actually, for best rhinoplasty in Korea, there are actually a lot of types of rhinoplasty, up to 183 types of it. It depends on the size, material, location, angle of forehead and nose, angle of nose and philtrum, etc.

Take a look at the picture below:

183 Types Of Best Rhinoplasty In Korea

All of those factors are the one who determine the result of best rhinoplasty in Korea. Wonjin Beauty Medical Group only uses special implant that has been customizedly designed based on patients’ needs. The method of surgery also depends on each patients’ case so the result will be even more satisfying.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group promises to use only safe and stable implants for nose surgery that can last for a long time. It is vital to choose the correct implant type and size for best rhinoplasty in Korea. Since everyone has different nose bone size and skin tissue type, it is best to compare pros and cons of each implant and choose the best one.

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