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Korean Best Eye Plastic Surgery Ever!

There are various types of Korean best eye plastic surgery to create double eyelid. Also known as Asian Double Eyelid surgery, Korean best eye plastic surgery has 3 main methods. Non Incision, Partial Incision, and Full Incision.

Non incision methods is commonly referred as the ‘pinch method’. Korean best eye plastic surgery using fine sutures without making incisions to the eyelid. Wonjin Plastic Surgery uses a special method that leaves no scars. Also, there is less chance of requiring revision surgery.

Full incision method is the most common form of double eyelid surgery. It involves the removal of excess fat from the eyelid by making a fine horizontal incision on the eyelid. It is important to do this method on Wonjin Plastic Surgery. Because to minimize scars and reduce the chance of requiring revision surgery.

Full incision method itself creates permanent double eyelids and it is applicable for all types of eyelids. Any sagging skin, muscles, or even the angle of eyelashes can all be corrected by Korean best eye plastic surgery.

Then you guys must be guess that partial incision is collaboration of non incision and incision method. You are guys not completely wrong tho. Partian Incision minimize incision on the eyelid to remove excess adipose tissues and muscle tissues. Also, the newly formed double eyelids will be highly durable and bares minimal scaring and swelling.

We can’t judge which one is better. Each method has its advantage and they complete each other. Based on Korean best eye plastic surgery, the chance of the double eyelids becoming undone is highly likely if patients who have eyelids with excessive fats and muscles choose to receive non-incision surgery. Therefore, partial method is far superior in these cases.

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Korean best eye plastic surgery believe that in order to achieve beautiful eyes, we must consider the size and proportion of the eyes itself. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic perform all double eyelid surgeries pursuing patient’s satisfaction.

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