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Korean Breast Surgery Perfectly Suit Your Daily

Korean breast surgery believe that it’s not about size anymore, it’s all about ideal proportion of breast and body. If you have pretty breast by Korea breast surgery, you can get more confidence of whatever you do. Korean breast surgery perfectly suit your daily whenever, wherever, and in every way.

Korean breast surgery has exclusive breast care program for fast recovery and high satisfaction. The result can be highly affected by post-operative care. Thus, Korean breast surgery has own exclusive customized post-operative care program. This program is based on individual’s condition situation leading to fast recovery and satisfactory result.

8 steps exclusive breast care program by Korean breast surgery

  1. Exclusive Multi Ultrasonic Care for breast
    • It activates the lymphatic circulation which eliminates the bruising and swelling quickly. Also, it removes the possibility of inflammation at an early stage and increases the blood circulation to prevent the capsular contraction.
  2. Derma Plus Care
    • It increases the natural feeling by reducing the encapsulation and preventing the capsular contraction.
  3. Infrared Rays Treatment
    • By activating the blood circulation, it increases the regeneration ability and drastically reduces the pain after Korean breast surgery.
  4. High frequency and lymph massage
    • By activating the blood circulation, it reduces swelling and minimizes the recovery period which ultimately increases the breast line elasticity.
  5. Customized Scar Care
    • Customized scar care including scar laser/infrared light laser, scar ointment and scar regeneration injection helps to reduce the concerns regarding scars.
  6. Continuous Medical Checkup
    • Korean breast surgery provide periodic medical check ups with ultrasonic and X-rays to check the condition of the implant to increase safety of the patient.
  7. Post-operative Pain Care
    • It reduces pain after Korean breast surgery with pain controlled analgesia patch.
  8. Compressive Bra Care
    • Korean breast surgery provide compressive bra after surgery to stabilize the implant placement and breast shape.

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