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People Choice: No-Cut Korea Face Contouring

You wish to have a beautiful and slim face but then afraid as you heard that Korea face contouring is a procedure that has something to do with shaving bone? Then how about take a look at this no-cut Korea face contouring at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group?

Usually, the common Korea face contouring requires general anesthesia and hospitalization because it has to shave the bone, and it will need about two weeks so you can get back to your daily life. But this no-cut Korea face contouring doesn’t require hospitalization, and can go back to daily life after local anesthesia or sleep anesthesia.

No-Cut Korea Face Contouring

As stated before, since this procedure is not involving bone-shaving, it’s more like improving the facial muscle, skin, fat, etc to create the desired V-line face line, as well as improving the skin elasticity. It will have good effects as it corrects the problem of each individual faces through a careful analysis.

Again, one of the biggest advantages of no-cut Korea face contouring is that you can go back to your daily life after the procedure as you will only use local anesthesia or sleep anesthesia. However, this procedure might not have big effect for some cases where the face bone itself is originally big or if there is a problem with the bone itself.

There are various types of no-cut Korea face contouring. It’s not like the patient can only choose one procedure though. Various procedures might be done together in combination for the best result, based on each patient’s condition.

  • Thread Lifting
    It’s one of the procedure to make a V-line easily while stretching stiff skin and muscles using various kinds of thread without incision. It has advantages of improving the V-line of face and skin elasticity at the same time. Depends on the kind of the thread, it also can give some effects to reproduce the skin.

No-Cut Korea Face Contouring

  • Laser Lifting
    It’s also called by Belody. It basically stimulates the production of collagen and elastin by stimulating the dermis layer with strong vibration using a vibration type laser. This no-cut Korea face contouring helps to lift the sagging area and resurrect the elasticity and volume, and has semi-permanent effect.
  • Accu Lifting
    Using accusculpt laser, it’s possible to remove fats in face area better than the general liposuction techniques, which is lowering the tissue damage. And it’s possible to perform detailed treatment and skin tightening effect can be obtained.
  • Tenor High Frequency
    It’s a method to reduce developed muscles that usually cause the square jaw. using the high frequencies, it blocks the muscles through the inner mucous membrane area. It has semi-permanent effect by blocking the nerve head with high frequency heat.
  • Botox
    Botox, which is commonly known to make the skin tight, can be used to the masticatory muscles. When the masticatory muscles usually develop significantly, the jaws might be enlarged. And this is why the botox is used to reduce the thickness and make the face looks smaller.

No-Cut Korea Face Contouring

  • Buccal Fat Removal
    This procedure of no-cut Korea face contouring is suitable for cases with a lot of bumps or sagging, where it can remove both fat layer and deep fat layer under the skin. And because the procedure is done inside of the mouth, the scar won’t be exposed and the effect can be seen quickly.

These procedure surely will get you great effect with less pain, less recovery period, and less scar. But if you don’t have muscle or skin problems, or you have a bigger or thicker bone, it might be difficult to perform these procedures to get the big effect.

It’s always recommended to have a discussion with the specialists first before deciding, so they can recommend the best procedures based on your condition, for the best result.

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