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Plastic Surgery Korea For Protruding Mouth




Do anyone think you’re angry when actually you aren’t?

Maybe you wonder why you look grumpy all the time. These are some of the questions that people with protruding mouth often receive.


The main topic that we’ll discuss now is whether a protruding mouth always require Korea two jaw surgery or not.

1) Only protruding teeth – correct it using orthodontic treatment 





This can be solved using orthodontic treatment without surgery at all because this patient had less than 4 mm protruding mouth. Thus slightly protruding gum was recessed only by orthodontic treatment. Above all, there is no need to have a surgery and patient can return to daily activity right away.




2) Protruding bone + protruding gum – correct it using plastic surgery korea protruding mouth surgery.





Plastic surgery korea for protruding mouth is performed when both gum and bone are protruded as this patient. Protruding mouth should be more than 4 mm to be operable.


How to perform plastic surgery korea for protruding mouth?

Extract 4 teeth behind molars and then cut the gum of empty space after the extraction. Move teeth backwards. It is very effective WITHOUT Korea Two Jaw Surgery & Orthodontic Treatment will be shortly for about 6 months.



3) Severe protruding mouth, protruding bone + protruding gum – correct it using plastic surgery korea two jaw surgery





Korea two jaw surgery is very effective for a person like this patient who has protruding chin, asymmetric face , dll. At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea, we cut upper and lower jaw and then repositioned them backwards. The result: smaller face and more sophisticated. And last, after the surgery, the patient will get orthodontic treatment to finish up the surgery for about 6-10 months.


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Are post-surgical teeth corrections mandatory?

The answer is: NOT NECESSARILY.

The good news is, you can get laminate correction instead of the uncomfortable regular braces at Wonjin Plastic Surgery.






So what is laminate treatment? 

Wonjin Plastic Surgery’s doctors have started to laminate treatment which does not require orthodontic treatment. Laminate treatment is to correct a set of teeth by putting ceramic teeth similar to natural teeth into an empty space cause by wisdom teeth extraction due to protruding mouth surgery.


DOUBLE EFFECT : Improving tooth arrangement & whitening effect = BRIGHT SMILE





But remember, laminate treatment is only suitable for the patients who do not have severe malocclusion and protruding mouth. It is also proper for whom had less then 6 mm gum repositioning. Laminate treatment can improve tooth arrangement and give whitening effect allowing patients to have a big and bright smile.







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